All different kinds of OTAKU



While Takanashi is thinking about tomorrow’s outfit, Mahiru is having the same problem at her home. She spreads out all her dress over the bed.

Mahiru: Oh, no! What should I wear and bring for tomorrow? I have no idea since I’ve never been on a date!

She scatters her hairpins on the desk, too.

Mahiru: Which hairpin to go? The one he gave me? The one he first praised me? Both should be too obvious… Wait a minute, I haven’t even decided where to go! Maybe I can look for something at the book store…

It seems she doesn’t have a computer at her home. Anyway, it’s been 10 o’clock already.

Mahiru: On, no! They’re closed already! Even not so, the clerk in the evening shift there should be a man so I can’t go anyway! It there anything I can refer to in my room?

Then, she finds some novels in the bookshelves.

Mahiru: Love stories…

She immediately got absorbed in reading the novel forgetting what she was just trying to do. This often happens to many people during spring-cleaning, by the way.

Mahiru: …And Shinji embraced Yayoi tightly. It’s so sweet…

In her imagination.

Takanashi: Inami, I’m embracing you tightly with these hands!

He’s holding his toy-hands in his both hands, which looks so stupid to her.


Just then, her mother comes in.

Mom: Mahiru? Oh, my!

She’s surprised at her messy room.

Mahiru: Mom!

Mom: You were making loud noises. What happened to you and these clothes?

Mahiru: I couldn’t decide which one to wear tomorrow.

Mom: Don’t worry! You should look great in any dress!

Mahiru: Don’t be kidding me! Which hairpin? Where to go? Thinking of all of that, I got totally confused! I really…

Mom: You look so happy.

Mahiru: I’m in a trouble!

Mom: It looks like your first date.

Mahiru: Ugh…

Mom: You really love Miss Takanashi, do you?

She doesn’t know Takanashi is a man or just pretending she doesn’t realize it. Mahiru’s face turns as red as a beet.

Mom: You’d get drowsy tomorrow if you go to bed late.

Mahiru: Well, I see…

Mom: Good night.

Mahiru: Good night.

Her mother leaves her room turning off the light. Mahiru seems to go to bed as her mother told her, but she gets out of bed being upset.

Mahiru: Oh, no! I haven’t solved any problem yet! Dress! Places! This or… this? “Sigh”

She looks out of the window and sees the beautiful moon in the sky, which Takanashi is just looking at the same time in his room.

Mahiru: Will it be sunny tomorrow?

Takanashi: Tomorrow is…

Mahiru: Tomorrow is…

Both: Our date.


It’s not a surprise that Mahiru has been pretty nervous about their date because she loves him, however how has Takanashi been the same mood? The answer is…

Takanashi: Tomorrow, I might be… die.

( to be continued )


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