All different kinds of OTAKU



Extra short story.

Somewhere in Hokkaido.

Narrator: There was a girl in some northern city.

Popura: It’s been pretty late since I got carried away talking to my friends. I have to hurry home!

Narrator: She’s Popura Taneshima, a girl 17 years old, who’s worried about her being a little short.

It’s Popura’s show “Popura gets bigger?”

Popura: A shooting star! I want to get bigger! I want to get bigger! I want to get bigger…!

It’s a kind of folklore that your wish comes true if you can repeat your wish three times before a shooting star disappear.

Narrator: Then, the next morning.

Popura: Eek! What happened?! H-Have I grown up?! Amazing! It’s like a dream! I’m so happy!

It seems she suddenly became bigger with her height and her breasts, too. Anyway, she goes to Wagnaria to show off.

Takanashi: Noooo!!! M-My senpai got…

Popura: See? I got bigger!

Sato: Huh, she can’t be the butt of the joke anymore.

Soma: She looked cuter when she was petite.

Takanashi: (Crying) My senpai, my senapi got…

Mahiru: Don’t let me feel miserable anymore…

She of course says about Popura’s breasts.

Popura: Oh, guys…

Despite her pleasure, they all look very unhappy about her change.

Takanashi: I’m done with you…

Sato: Let’s go.

Popura: W-Wait, Katanashi and you all…

He turns back and say this terribly.

Takanashi: Old woman!

Just then, she wakes up in her bed. It seems she just had a nightmare.

Narrator: Even if you got bigger, you don’t want your friends to hate you, right? It’s all good for you to stay petite and cute, Popura.

Popura’s show – fin!


The preview part.

Takanashi: The next episode is –

Popura: Are you ready for tomorrow, Katanashi?

Takanashi: Yes, I think I’m prepared.

Popura: Good! And put on fancy dress, too!

Takanashi: Yes, it could be my burial clothes… The next episode is “The battle called a date. Takanashi and Inami afterward”

Popura: We’ll check your outfit at Wagnaria before you go on a date!

Takanashi: Really?!


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