All different kinds of OTAKU



“The battle called a date. Takanashi and Inami afterward”

It’s been the morning of their date. He looks up the sky through the gate.

Takanashi: It’s very nice today. Now I’m going.

Nazuna: All right. Take care, big brother.

Takanashi: Yes, I understand.

Nazuna: Huh?

She wonders why he’s in such serious mood.

Takanashi: I’ve made curry for your lunch.

Nazuna: Thanks…?

On the other hand, Mahiru is also getting ready for the date. After checking herself in the mirror, she leaves her room.

Mom: Are you going already?

Mahiru: Yeah.

Mom: You want no breakfast?

Mahiru: No, I don’t.

Mom: Why don’t you have some soy-milk at least?

Mahiru: I said no, mom!

Mom: Your stomach might be growling later.

Mahiru: Um, I’ll have some, then…

Taking her mother’s advice. she drinks some soy-milk while she’s checking herself in the mirror again. Then she finally goes out.

In the meantime, some guys are getting together at Wagnaria, too.

Aoi: Now, it’s finally been the day!

Popura: I wonder if Katanashi has left home?

Yachiyo: Hey, aren’t you guys in the evening shifts today?

She wonders why they’re getting together in the staff room in the morning.

Soma: Even off-shifts, we sometimes don’t have special things to do.

Sato: Just something.

Yachiyo: What’s that?

Aoi: I can’t stop my heart throbbing already!

Popura: There’s no use of you being that way, Aoi.

Aoi: I’ll work hard today!

Popura: The one who works hard today is Katanashi and Inami, you know.

It seems there’s some conspiracy having started already at Wagnaria, while they are heading for their meeting point.

( to be continued )


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