All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru: ( Did I get here a little earlier? )

She’s arrived at their meeting point ahead of Takanashi.

Mahiru: ( D, did I choose me right outfit for the date? Don’t I look strange? Maybe I should’ve dressed up more? )

When she starts being anxious about her outfit, Takanashi just arrives there.

Takanashi: Hi, Inami.

Mahiru: Hi, Takanashi! Uh…

She’s pretty surprised that he showed up being cross-dressed, unexpectedly.

Takanashi: I’m sorry to have kept you waiting long…

With his lady disguise, he looks pretty gorgeous to her in a way.

Mahiru: ( I’ve totally lost him… )

She feels as if she’s completely defeated by him as a woman.

Takanashi: I-Is there something strange with me? Well, I know I totally look strange, though.

He doesn’t get the reason why she’s in such a shock. Then, someone approaches them.

Soma: Hello!

Takanashi: Huh?

Mahiru: ( A bunch of folks’ come! )

He makes a big sigh seeing Soma, Sato, Popura and Aoi show up.

Mahiru: Taneshima and the others, what’s going on?

Popura: You know what…


She starts telling the truth which just happened several minutes ago in Wagnaria. It was the time when Takanashi visited there so Popura could check his outfit before their date.

Popura: OK, you look pretty neat!

Takanashi: I’m glad.

Sato: Don’t even bother with his outfit before their date.

Then, suddenly, Aoi walks up to him with some water in a bucket.

Aoi: I’ve spilled over water by mistake!

She throws the water at him just after saying so.

Soma: Oh my gosh. But there’s just happened to be a lady’s dress for a change.

Aoi: All by mistake.

Takanashi: Aren’t you both trying to be so careless on purpose?

Back to the present.

Popura: So, he ended up with this clothes…

Soma: Cause it seemed to be a fun.

Aoi: By mistake.

Takanashi: No mistake! “Sigh” I decided to give up soon because they looked like they’d use any means to get me cross-dressed.

Mahiru: Oh…

Popura: Really, it’d rather look like a date if he’s wearing men’s!

Saying so, she starts photo shooting and worshipping Kotori-chan.

Popura: May I become like this lady.

Takanashi: Senpai…

She can’t give up loving his cross-dress, anyway.

( to be continued )


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