All different kinds of OTAKU



By the prank of Soma and Aoi, Takanashi ended up being cross-dressed to his date.

Takanashi: Anyway, we’re going now.

Popura: Good luck, Inami!

Mahiru: Y-Yes.

Soma: Then, we’ve got to begin…

Aoi: Chasing after them, right?

Popura: Um, okay, I’m a bit worried about them, too.

She seems to be interested, too, anyway.

Sato: Hey, Taneshima, I’ll buy you some lunch before you go to work.

Popura: Oh, really?!

Sato: And you, Yamada, Soma is buying you some clothes.

Aoi: I really want my clothes!

Soma: Why do I have to do?! ( He must have come with us so he wouldn’t let us go after them! )

Popura: My lunch…

Aoi: My clothes…

Anyway, Sato’s strategy has worked well for both girls, who’s lost their interests in chasing after Takanashi and Mahiru already.

Sato: Soma, I’d hit you if you didn’t come.

Soma: Well, aren’t you being a little cruel when you try to hold me back?


Meanwhile, Takanashi and Mahiru are walking down the street but he’s in very low spirit.

Mahiru: ( He doesn’t look very happy. I’m not surprised because he’s been made to walk outside with cross-dressing. )

Takanashi: You see, I brought me here without any plans, so where should we go?

Mahiru: I know, I can’t go anywhere if there’re any men.

In the end, she takes him to a toy-store that has a lot of stuffed animals.

Mahiru: I thought you’d like this. You might be difficult to go in such a store by yourself but it’d be easier with two of us, right? As you’ve been cross-dressed like that, it wouldn’t help much, though.

Anyway, he soon gets happy being surrounded by lots of stuffed-animals in the store.

Mahiru: ( Thank goodness, he looks pretty happy now. )

Looking around the store, she realizes there’re only female customers.

Mahiru: ( It’s supposed to be a date, right? Then, they might see us in a relationship…? )

She’s dreaming about such a thing when he comes up to her with a stuffed-animal.

Takanashi: Look, Inami! This is so cute! Bunny!

Their relationship absolutely looks like female friends on shopping.

Mahiru: ( No, that’d never happen… )

After then, they enjoyed themselves by looking in the store windows, going to an arcade, and just hanging around the city. She took care of him to be able to get a prize at the arcade, and he took care of her not to bump into a group of guys.

When they met a clown on the street, who was giving away balloons, she wanted to take one before she realized he’s got a mustache on his face. She got afraid of him and couldn’t get the balloon in the end.

( to be continued )


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