All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru and Takanashi are getting to enjoy their date.

Then, suddenly, she’s frightened at an oncoming man and she clings to Takanashi’s arm to evade the man. This made Takanashi very nervous since he thought she might hit him. It didn’t happen, though.

Takanashi: ( Well, she seems to be fine when I’m cross-dressed. )

The next moment, Mahiru gets so embarrassed realizing herself clinging to his arm. She steps away from him crying loudly.

Takanashi: ( Or, maybe she isn’t, after all? )

They come to a coffee shop to have a break. He takes thier meal to the table.

Takanashi: Did you get relaxed?

Mahiru: Y-Yeah.

Takanashi: What should we do after this? How about a large park? We can stay away from men even if they were there.

Mahiru: Uh, well… I’m rather worried about you than me. Aren’t you having hard time because of your cross-dressing?

Takanashi: Huh?

Mahiru: You can go back home if you want. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving Taneshima and others proper excuses. Oh, but your clothes are still in the restaurant. What should I do…

Takanashi is very moved to see her taking care of him seriously.

Takanashi: ( With my cross-dressing, I feel like people have treated me kindly for the first time! )

He’s so happy he’s even trembling, which she wonders why.

Mahiru: What’s the matter with you?


In the meantime, the other guys are coming to a restaurant.

Popura: Are you sure?

Aoi: Your treat?

Sato: Right, you can order sweets and anything else you want.

Soma: Sato, you’re so big-hearted!

Sato: You have to pay your own bill.

Soma: Are you seirous?!

Popura: Then, I’ll have a cheesy doria and a chocolate parfait!

Aoi: I’ll have a pork cutlet course with natto and a vanilla ice-cream!

Sato: All right.

He flag down a waitress and gives her their orders.

Sato: An okosama-lunch ( kid’s plate ) for her, please.

Waitress: One okosama-lunch.

Popura: Oh, geez!

Okosama-lunch is a menu particularly meant for kids.

( to be continued )


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