All different kinds of OTAKU



In the meantime, there’s a girl who’s working busy at Wagnaria.

Maya: Is that all?

Customer: Yes.

Maya: Please wait for a while.

Her name is Maya Matsumoto, 18 years old, who’s finally been able to speak words in this story, although we’ve had a glimpse of her several times so far.

Yachiyo: A party of two, please come this way to the window seat.

Behind Maya, she leads the customers to the table rattling her katana on her waist, which makes Maya and other customers feel weird.

Customer: This restaurant is a bit different, isn’t it?

Maya: Oh!

Getting back to the counter, she thinks about what the customer just said to her.

Maya: ( D-Different? No, anyone else but me is different! I am pretty normal! )

She’s somehow proud of being an average person.

Maya: Average looking, average characteristics and average work! I’m never dyed in the same color in this restaurant!

Yachiyo: What’s the matter, Maya?

Maya: I am normal! How nice being average! Ah!

She gets too excited that she happens to flap the dishes and, unfortunately, they’re all broken on the floor.

Maya: ( D-Don’t worry. Breaking dishes is a common failure! I’ll just have to say “I’m sorry”, or maybe I even don’t need an apology! )

Despite her mind, she starts apologizing with a low bow sitting on the floor at the next moment.

Maya: I’m so sorry!

An average person isn’t very tough at her difficult time.

Yachiyo: Oh my, are you all right, Maya? Haven’t you cut your fingers?

Maya: No, I’m fine! I’m sorry!!

Yachiyo: You don’t have to be so sorry like now. You’ll just sweep them out normally, and it’s all okay.

She just tries to take care of her mistake, but Maya takes it wrong way.

Maya: N-Normally? I wasn’t being normal now?

Yachiyo: Huh?

Maya: D-Didn’t I look normal?!

Yachiyo: Um, did I tell you something wrong?

Maya: Oh, no! I am not very normal!!

Kyoko is hearing their weird conversation in her office having a parfait and she finds Katanashi’s clothes are hung out of the window.

Kyoko: What’s that?

She wonders why man’s clothes are out there.

( to be continued )


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