All different kinds of OTAKU



The other member of Wagnaria have just finished their meal at some restaurant.

Popura: I wonder if Inami and Katanashi are going well.

Soma: I’m worried, too.

Sato: We shouldn’t be interfering their problem. Things just happen as they happen.

Aoi: By the way, please buy me clothing, Soma! I can’t wait!

Popura: Oh, I forgot it.

Sato: Soma, you’d better buy her a total outfit, after all?

Soma: Ugh…

Aoi: I’m pumped!

Popura: Which stores to go? A department store, after all?

Sato: It could be 50,000 yen or more with a set.

Soma: That wouldn’t be a moderate price if she was a real sister or daughter to buy for.

Aoi: A department store isn’t good! What they’re selling is all expensive! Not 50,000 yen even for a set of outfit!

Soma: Oh, Yamada…

He supposed she couldn’t ask that much money for him, but…

Aoi: In that case, I’d rather want 50,000 yen’s worth of my clothes at more reasonable store! Quantity comes before quality! I know there’s outlet stores nearby doing the sale everyday! Hurry up, this way!

Popura: Hey, Aoi!

They both run off to the store at full speed.

Soma: ( She’s going to have me pay 50,000 yen for her anyway… )

Sato: And we need some clothes for Takanashi, too.

Soma: What?

Sato: That won’t be dried before he comes back.

Soma: Yeah, right. I know I did bad to him by mistake.

Sato: If you really think so, you have to pay for his clothes, too.

Soma: Wha-

He’s so shocked he becomes totally gray.

Soma: You know, Sato, I’d have to work for nothing this month.

Sato: Oh, sorry to hear that.

For the practical joke he made to Takanashi, Soma had to pay for it, in the end.

( to be continued )


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