All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi and Mahiru have just arrived at the park.

Takanashi: We can have large room and a good sight in here, so you don’t have to worry about running into men.

Mahiru: Yeah.

Takanashi: The plum blossoms are gone.

Mahiru: I see, the spring is almost over.

Takanashi: When I started to work in Wagnaria, it was still snowing.

Mahiru: Oh, it was that time when you started the part-time job, eh?

Takanashi: Yeah, it was a huge shocker when I first met you, Inami. You suddenly hit me and I didn’t know what was happening.

Mahiru: B-But, I wasn’t mentally ready yet at that time…

Takanashi: Knowing you weren’t upset with me, I was able to be relieved, though…

He looks a little pale.

Takanashi: I’m surprised how I can survive until today.

Mahiru: Oh, m-maybe I haven’t hit you so many times!

Takanashi: I think I have actually been hit that many times.

Mahiru: That isn’t…

Jogging her memory, she understands she was actually hitting him all the time.

Mahiru: I’m sorry…

Takanashi: “Laughing”

She looks back on the time when he met her father and worked so hard for her.

Takanashi(past): It’s great pouring your love into your child, but don’t forget that she’s never your belongings! You’d better think about your own acts!

Mahiru’s Dad(past): I-I’m sorry…

Takanashi(past): You should apologize to your own daughter before me!

It was the turning point when she finally recognized she loved him.

Back to the present, they’re just passing on a bridge in the park.

Mahiru: But I think I’m getting better at least. I can get closer to men nowadays and I am able to pull my punches, too, I guess.

Takanashi: Even so, I’m still being punched by you at least three times a day…

Mahiru: I am trying hard!

Takanashi: All right, let’s give it a shot, then.

Mahiru: What do you mean?

Takanashi: Do you try to hold my hand?

He once said that her final goal was they went out somewhere hand in hand, which she just remembered now.

Mahiru: Oh…!

Takanashi: Come on, Inami?


While she’s getting so nervous at the moment, the other member of Wagnaria is coming to a clothing store.

Popura: Aoi, how about these? They’re pretty reasonable!

Aoi: Which ones?

Sato: They look happy, eh?

Soma: I know. Are Takanashi and Inami enjoying themselves?

Sato: I don’t know.

The Japanese words on the t-shirt he just took up says “100 bulls-eye shots”, by the way.
Soma: I hope he wasn’t hit by her.

Sato: He’s been disguised today so he should be fine.

Soma: I hope so. Let’s hope he’s safe!

Sato: You’d rather want something to happen to him, wouldn’t you?

( to be continued )


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