All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi suggests Mahiru hold his hand to see if she’s getting better with her androphobia, however she’s so nervous about it.

Mahiru: ( Yes, Now I can be with him such a long time. I can also speak to Sato and Soma normally these days and he is disguised today. Assuming him as a woman, I-I can hold his hand at least… )

Against her mind, she’s clenching her fists and raising her arm slowly, who doesn’t look so friendly anyway.

Takanashi: Inami?!

Mahiru: Don’t speak to me now! I’m almost hitting you by mistake!

Takanashi: By mistake?! That’s too outrageous!

She’s struggling with herself not to hit him.

Takanashi: ( I just meant to check her progress so far but what the tension is it now?! )

Just as she’s reached her limit, he stops her finding something over there.

Takanashi: Hey, Inami!

Mahiru: Wha-

He runs off somewhere just before her fingers touches on his hand.

Takanashi: I’m sorry! It’s an emergency! There’re lots of puppies, so cute!!

He dashes to a herd of puppies being walked by their owner.

Takanashi: Excuse me, can I touch them?

Dog’s owner: Sure.

Takanashi: Thank you! They’re so cute!

Mahiru: I thought I was choking my breath…

She’s a bit relieved to get out of it at the moment.

Takanashi: Look, Inami! They’re so cute!!

Seeing him in such a joy, she has a mixed feeling about it.

Takanashi: Shake!


Back in Wagnaria, Maya finds a carton hidden in the shelves while she’s doing her job.

Maya: Manager, these are toys for okosama-lunch( kid’s menu ), aren’t they? Why are they in here?

Kyoko: That’s because of Takanashi. If they’re put on here and there, he gets unnecessary excited and that’s gross.

She looks back on the incident when he found the small stuffed-animals.

Takanashi: What’s this?!

Kyoko: Toys for kids’ menu.

Takanashi: They, I’ll order that!

Kyoko: No, you’re kind of gross.

Back to the present conversation.

Maya: “Sigh”

Kyoko: Yachiyo, I’m starving!

Maya: ( This restaurant is full of strange people, really!! )

( to be continued )


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