All different kinds of OTAKU



In the meantime, Popura and the others have just gotten back to Wagnaria.

Girls: I’m home!

Popura: Yikes, we got caught in a shower!

Aoi: You can’t rely on the weather forecast really! I was nearly going to wet my new clothes!

It seems they’ve been back earlier because of the rain.

Soma: It should be a passing shower, though.

Maya: No, “I’m home”! It is a work place, you know!

She’s a little upset with them.

Aoi: I am actually living in here.

Maya: Um, that’s right…

Aoi: Why don’t you join Yamada’s family as the member of glasses, Matsumoto? It’s really comfortable home and you’d have no commute time, too!

Maya: No way! That’d spoil my ordinary life!

Aoi: Life is to be dramatic!

Maya: No, there’s nothing like normal life!

Their views of life seem to be polar opposites.

Maya: Anyway, I’m getting off my work now. Excuse me! ( I swear, this restaurant is full of weirdos! I’d never be a friend with them! )

As she’s heading for the locker room, Popura catches her.

Popura: Hi, Matsumoto! Sato bought some pudding for us, so why don’t have it with us?

Her innocent smile sways Maya’s heart.

Maya: D, don’t be nice to me!

Popura: Huh?!

She disappears into the locker room in the end.

Soma: Matsumoto is a bit different, isn’t she?

Popura: Yeah, but she’s a nice person.

Sarcastically enough, they see Maya the same way as she does.

( to be continued )


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