All different kinds of OTAKU



Getting back to Takanashi and Mahiru, they’re taking shelter from the rain under a cabin.

Takanashi: We got soaked. Are you all right?

Mahiru: Yeah, I’m fine. How about you?

Takanashi: I’m okay, but the wig shouldn’t get wet? Geez, I can’t take if off now, though.

Mahiru: Well, I’m sorry about today. It must have been a pain for you to keep disguised all day.

Takanashi: Not really, it saved me a lot, actually.

Mahiru: Then, I’ll go and buy some drink for us.

Takanashi: Oh, you don’t have to.

Mahiru: I’ll be right back!

She leaves there as if she were trying to escape from him.

Mahiru: ( No luck! Remembering that incident, I’m too embarrassed to be with him! )

To hide her embarrassment, she goes to buy some drink for now.

Takanashi: ( Ah, it was me who was supposed to run for the drink instead of her. I’m having her take care of me all day. For men, she’s just a violent freak, however, going out with her today, I’ve found she’s actually a very nice, calm and attentive girl. )

He’s shocked by himself thinking of her that way.

Takanashi: ( Wait, what’s up with me? Small children, cute, petit and weak stuff – those are the things I love! How did I think of her that way when she’s a violent older woman who’s never my type! It couldn’t be true! Inami has been just like a house dog for me… Yes, I was supposed to come here today to see the results of her training so far! )

He’s finally getting to understand his own feelings to Mahiru but he’s afraid of it at the same time.

Takanashi: Yes, Inami is a dog!!

As he’s trying to convince himself with the declaration, Mahiru has just been back there.

Mahiru: A dog…

She’s really shocked and trembling.

Mahiru: I guessed it. I should be a dog for you, after all – A fierce dog.

He’s very upset to see her almost crying.

Takanashi: N-No, that isn’t true! Well, how can I say it… You know, there’re many types of dogs like… the fierce ones and the cute ones we just met. So, today’s Inami is cute…

Mahiru: Wha…

She doesn’t miss the key word.

Takanashi: Yes, you turned out to be a cute fierce dog! ( Ah, she’s a fierce dog, after all!? )

He thought he failed to say a nice thing to her, though…


Mahiru: Cu, cute…

Takanashi: Huh?

Just then, the soda gushes out of the cans with her strong grip. It even makes a small arch of the rainbow over the head.

Takanashi: Inami, your clothes are just getting dry…

Mahiru: Cu, cu, cu…

It doesn’t matter for her to get wet again. She’s just happy with being said cute.

Takanashi: Inami, are you listening to me?!

Mahiru: Cu, cu, cute…

Takanashi: Come on, Inami!! Please listen to me!

I believe she couldn’t, at least for a while. Anyway, their first date came to a finale like this.

( to be continued )


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