All different kinds of OTAKU



The next day of Takanashi and Mahiru’s first date.

Popura: So, how was your date?

She’s pretty excited to hear their stories.

Mahiru: Well, you know, it turned out that I was a dog, after all.

Popura: A dog?!

She has no idea what happened to them.

Takanashi: What’s wrong with a dog?

He comes out of the locker room.

Popura: Oh, Katanashi! How was it yesterday?

Takanashi: What? Uh, yeah, it was fun like playing with a flying disk.

Popura: A flying disk?! ( Inami was a dog and they enjoyed the flying disk? )

Obviously, it sounds like a dog playing with his owner. While Popura’s being shocked, Aoi appears from the attic.

Aoi: How do I look in this outfit he bought for me? I am so happy with it! What do you say?

Popura: You look great, Aoi!

Maya comes in as they’re chatting.

Maya: Hey guys, quick get out to the floor! It’s Sunday today and there’re lots of customers already!

Popura: I’m sorry, Matsumoto. I’m going right away. Are you ready, Katanashi?

Takanashi: Sure, senpai!

Popura: Let’s go, Inami!

Mahiru: Yes!

When they get to the floor, the other staff are already working.

Yachiyo: Good morning, Takanashi and Mahiru.

Sato: Hello.

Yachiyo: Did you have good rest yesterday?

Mahiru: Y-yesterday?! Uh…

Mahiru and Takanashi: Exhausted…

Yachiyo: Oh, my. Did you two have a hard time yesterday? I enjoyed myself yesterday looking after Kyoko since we weren’t very busy until the evening.

Sato isn’t very happy about it, though. He gets back to the kitchen.

Soma: It was good for you that your shift began in the evening yesterday, Sato?

Sato just shows a pan back at him.

Soma: Uh…

He takes off before he gets hit by Sato.

Aoi: Hey chef, make me some rich dinner as I’m dressed up!

Instead of answering her, he tortures her head with his fists.

Aoi: Ugh, I’m sorry! Please make it for me!

Kyoko: Hey guys, do your work!

She appears eating a parfait as usual.

Takanashi: It takes one to know one!

They hear several customers calling from their tables.

Otoh: Customers are waiting for you.

They’re pretty surprised at his sudden show-up.

Popura: M, Mr. Otoh?!

Takanashi: Welcome back…!

Otoh: Let’s do our greetings later.

Takanashi: Right. I’ll be right out there!

Popura: Me, too!

Mahiru: Same here.

Otoh: They look like they’re doing great.

Kyoko: So, how about your souvenir?

Otoh: O, of course I have…

Kyoko: Good.

As the three get out to the floor, another customers have just arrived at the restaurant.

Takanashi: Let’s say-

They stand in a line and greet the customers.

All: Welcome to Wagnaria!!

Their happy and funny stories at Wagnaria will continue.


( End )


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