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Genshiken2 EP1


“New president’s resolution”

One raining day around June, Sasahara got a mail in the mailbox. The story rolls back a little when he was elected as the new president of Genshiken.

Tanaka: Then, we’d care for some resolutions of you, new president?

Sasahara: Oh, really? Well, as I’m in this position, I want us to take part in Comi-Fes as a circle!

As he addressed like this, he had sent an application to Comi-Fes and he got the reply today. He makes a quick phone call to someone.

Sasahara: Hello, it’s Sasahara. Do you have a moment now? You know…

A few hours later, there’s Sasahara and Madarame in the club room.

Sasahara: Look, we’ve passed Comi-Fes!

He shows a large envelope to Madarame, who is pretty excited at it.

Madarame: Geez, we sure got this? We passed it then?

You wouldn’t tell if you’ve passed or not until you read the paper inside.

Sasahara: Like I said, yes, we did.

Madarame: O-M-G!

Sasahara: That’s an awkward reaction. You didn’t want it?

Madarame: Actually, yes, I did. You know, it’s like the feeling of Amuro confronting Zaku for the first time.

Sasahara: Then, you’ve got to get them down.

Madarame: But they’re coming in two of them, even though we aren’t The New-Type.

Several Gundam-related words appears but I wouldn’t explain them each time. Don’t think, just feel!

Sasahara: That’s nonsense, you see?

Madarame: Our position is?

Sasahara: Well, here, the third day.

He points at the floor map.

Madarame: Hm, it’s no-exciting middle of the “island”, eh?

Sasahara: Yeah, that’s right.

If the circle is very famous and popular, they tend to get larger space near the wall, which is called “Kabe(Wall) Circles”, by the way.

Madarame: Did you tell Kugayama about this?

Sasahara: Yeah, a quick call over the cell.

Kugayama(past): R-really? Then, we’ve got to work on our book seriously.

He had the call when he was attending to a job fair.

Sasahara: That’s what he said.

Madarame: “Laughs”

Sasahara: We’re choosing some of them from this, so I think it wouldn’t bother him very much.

He takes out Kugayama’s sketchbook.

Madarame: You’re well prepared, aren’t you?

Sasahara: Why not?

Madarame: Lots of nasty illustrations in it already?

Sasahara: Right, and I think we can borrow a lot for our book. Which one to go then?

Madarame: Hm…


They start ogling at each draft.

Madarame: So, it’s gonna be Kaicho(president) book, after all?

Sasahara: Not sure yet. We have many Yamada-related ones, too, like this.

Madarame: Hey, these pictures look pretty better than usual, eh?

Sasahara: I know. You mean the last time when we saw this in his room before, right? He said it raised his spirit, naturally.

Yamada is Kugayama’s favorite girl in Kuji-Un.

Madarame: That is his nature, eh?

Sasahara: You know, they(his pictures) are really “practical”.

How practical is it for? For man’s sake, I guess.

Madarame: Then, they might sell a lot.

Sasahara: Maybe yes!

Just then, Ogiue comes in the room and they stop their nasty conversation right there.

( to be continued )


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