All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-1


With the arrival of Ogiue, the guys immediately stopped their naughty talk. Seeing a look on her face, she may have been hearing their conversation at the door.

Madarame: H-hello, Ogiue.

Ogiue: Hello.

Madarame: It’s unusual for you to show up at this time of day. What about your class?

Ogiue: It’s been cancelled.

Madarame: Oh, I see.

Ogiue: What are you being so happy about?

Sasahara: Um, it’s just something…

Ogiue: Something what?

Sasahara: You know, we passed Comi-Fes and we were doing some calculation on that.

Ogiue: Huh?

Sasahara: Yeah, we were planning to make a dojinshi (= indie comic book ).

Ogiue: A dojinshi…

Sasahara: I hope you could lend me a hand as much as you can. Oh, you aren’t very excited?

Ogiue: Um, that’s fine.

Madarame: Oh, these are the tickets for the circles that we heard of, right?

Sasahara: Only three. How should we divide them?

Madarame: Let’s talk about it.

Sasahara: The entrance time for the circles is 7:30 to 9:00. Should we move separately from the outside group waiting in line?

Madarame: I believe so. This timetable is confusing! There’re even a start, pause and resume times for receiving our express packages. And what does it mean “The circle acceptance at any time”? Should we have to report somewhere each time? Ugh, how different it is that we go there as the regular visitor or the circle member.

Sasahara: First we need to read up on this paper.

Then Madarame notice Ogiue is writing down something on a notebook.

Madarame: Hey, Sasahara.

Sasahara: Yes?

Madarame: What she’s showing off.

Ogiue is actually very eager about their dojinshi, however she’s a little too shy to appeal it, so Sasahara takes her character into account.

Sasahara: Oh, is that you have written, Ogiue?

Ogiue: Um, yeah.

Sasahara: Can I see it?

Ogiue: It’s our common notebook, after all, so…

They look at her illustration.

Sasahara: ( Oh, it’s pretty good. )

Madarame: ( Kind of modern style? ) You should ask her to write something, too? It’d more look like a dojinshi if many writers join in.

Sasahara: But it’s a dojinshi sexually parodied of Kuji-Un.

Ogiue: No problem. I can do it.

The guys are really surprised at her answer.

Ogiue: What’s wrong?

Sasahara: Uh, nothing. Then, I think I’m going to ask you, too.

Ogiue: All right.

Sasahara: Please bring me one or two pages of illustration for first. Of course, as much as you want if you will.

Ogiue: I can’t make a lot so soon.

Sasahara: In that case, a piece of illustration would be enough.

Ogiue: I see.

Madarame: Which print shop should we go?

Sasahara: I’m going to ask Takayanagi first.

While they’re discussing the matter, Ogiue is totally excited in mind.

Ogiue: ( We’re selling dojinshi! So cool!! Since it’s a college circle, after all, we’re more like professional! )

She’s a little clumsy at showing her emotions.

( to be continued )


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