All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-2


They talked Ogiue that they had passed Comi-Fes so they were going to make their own dojinshi.

Sasahara: How many copies will we make? I know it wouldn’t be very easy for us to sell them all, but I don’t want them to be left unsold, either.

Madarame: Right. You’d better not have high expectation.

Just then, the other Genshiken members come in.

Tanaka: Hi, there.

Oono: Hello.

Kuchiki: Nyollo.

Sasahara: Hi, were you being together?

Tanaka: Um, we just met out there.

Oono: Yeah, I run into Tanaka and Kuchiki at the gate.

Sasahara: Huh.

Maybe Tanaka and Oono had been together before they came here since they seem to have been in relationship these days, which Ogiue senses.

Oono: Oh, that’s Comi-Fes’s!

She finds it’s paper and tickets on the desk.

Kuchiki: Oh, it must be the notification, right? Whether did we pass or not?

Sasahara: Yes, we passed.

Tanaka: Ooh, we did it!

Oono: So, are you having a meeting now?

Sasahara: Not really.

Tanaka: How many pages and the price is it?

Kuchiki: Oh, this is the platinum ticket!

He’s just excited with the circle entrance tickets.

Sasahara: I have no idea for now, but I’d rather want to sell them all than make more profit.

Tanaka: Hm, all right.

Oono is texting to Kasukabe with her cell. The message is “We’re having an emergency meeting now. Please get it to Kosaka, too.”

Oono: Shall I do a salesgirl in cos-playing?

Sasahara: Is that possible?

Oono: No problem, as long as you aren’t be wearing some long stuff.

Sasahara: I mean, wouldn’t it sexually harass you since the books are meant for men?

Oono: Ah, I don’t mind it at all.

Sasahara: Maybe the customers will do mind it, though.

Oono: Don’t worry!

Madarame: Women are getting pretty tough nowadays.

Sasahara: Like Ogiue?

( to be continued )


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