All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-3


Sasahara said that the modern women were really tough like Ogiue.

Oono: What’s that?

Sasahara: Um, I asked Ogiue for some pages, too.

Oono: Oh, yeah? So, you finally sprang your taste on them, like Sen-Mugi or Mugi-Kabu?

She refers the pairing of men who’s getting involved with each other in dojinshi.

Ogiue: I don’t know what you meant “to spring”.

Sasahara: You know, the main writer is Kugayama so it can’t help being a men’s one.

Oono: In that case, the prez and the vice-prez would be fine.

Ogiue: Can’t you just think of anything other than pairing? This is why your kind suck…

Sasahara: There, there. I would appreciate you following our directions when it’s decided, anyway.

Oono: ( Doing impressions of the vice president of Kuji-Un ) Once you’re enrolled in the board of School Council, you’re obliged to follow any orders from it. That’s the rule of Rikkyoin academia.

Madarame: When it comes to Ogiue, you always bites at her, Oono?

Oono: It’s not me but the spirit of the vice-prez calling it.

Guys: “Laughs”

Tanaka: I was just thinking of tailoring a ceremonial version, so it would be the right time, too.

Kuchiki: Ooh, Kasumi Kisaragi(the name of the vice-prez)! That dress is fabulous! No one could defeat Miss Oono’s cos-playing of the vice-prez in the world! “Sigh”

Oono: I’m sorry, I think I can make some time for a fitting in this week.

Tanaka: Don’t worry, take your time. I can kick my butt when it’s needed.

Ogiue: It’s the waste of both talent and ability.

Oono: Cos-playing is never a waste!

Tanaka: Talking about the waste, the overall work of dojin is garbage.

Madarame: You said it, and people name it “the culture”. Like I followed it up with the nice words?

Oono: So, how are we doing on that day?

Sasahara: Huh?

Oono: The salesgirl, I mean. Me and Tanaka will be going after I’m changed, so I think it will be around 11:00 at the soonest when we get to our booth.

Sasahara: That’s OK. Do as much as we can – it’s our direction.

Just then, we have another member join here.

( to be continued )


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