All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-5


Sasahara visits man-ken (manga club) so he can ask Takayanagi, who’s the president of there, for some advice about publishing dojinshi.

Takayanagi: We usually use Minami Printing, it depends on your taste, though. I know some self-publisher claim that they don’t like Minami very much since they aren’t very good at color printing.

Sasahara: I didn’t know.

Takayanagi: And I believe you know, the closer it is to the day of Comi-Fes, the more extra charge you’ll have to pay. Have you scheduled it out yet?

Sasahara: No, we’ll have to do from scratch.

Takayanagi: Are you splitting your expense equally?

Sasahara: Yes, I suppose so. I don’t think I could ask Kasukabe for that money, though.

Takayanagi: She’d likely to say “Why do I have to pay?” at least.

Sasahara: Yeah, right.

Takayanagi: So, how’s Ogiue doing?

Sasahara: Well, she’s fine, I think.

Takayanagi: Does she fit in you?

Sasahara: I’m not so sure about that question but I think she’s totally okay.

Takayanagi: Oh, yeah?

Sasahara: I’m even inviting her to join our book. Actually, she seemed she was very eager.

Takayanagi: Oh, she was?

Sasahara: Huh?

He wonders why Takayanagi says so.

Takayanagi: Our female member decided to pass on it this year.

Sasahara: Do men and women publish their book separately in man-ken?

Takayanagi: You know, our female member are rather zipping, having their goal clearer in the last few years. Say, Gangal Bleed or Deass Mood.

Both fictional titles refer to the two popular J-animation series named Gundam Seed and Code Geass.

Sasahara: Hm.

Takayanagi: There’s a preference gap between men and women and, first of all, school publishing books don’t sell a lot. So, we voluntary split up and make our official circle dojinshi once every two years.

Sasahara: I didn’t know.

Takayanagi: Well, Ogiue joins it, eh? Maybe it’s not exactly joining.

Sasahara: Is there something wrong with it?

(Note) Ogiue once belonged to man-ken but she got in trouble with the female member there and left for genshiken.

Takayanagi: Of course there’s nothing wrong with it, yet they(the female member) seem to have their own perspective.

Sasahara: But Ogiue has nothing to do with that, right?

Takayanagi: Yes, indeed, though… “sigh”

Sasahara: Do you think I’m not supposed to speak around this topic?

Takayanagi: I guess not. Did you tell someone else that you’d passed Comi-Fes?

Sasahara: Who do you mean exactly?

Takayanagi: Anyone not genshiken member.

Sasahara: No, I didn’t.

Takayanagi: Then, it might be the Preparing Council or something.

Sasahara: What are you talking about?

Takayanagi: It’s good if it hasn’t happened yet. Well, good luck even if it’d be tough.

Sasahara: Uh, thanks…

He didn’t know what Takayanagi meant at the time but he found it out soon later.

( to be continued )


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