All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-6


Sasahara got an uncertain warning from Takayanagi when he visited Manken and, getting back Genshiken, he finds out what he meant – an unwelcome visitor.

Haraguchi: Hey, did you guys pass Comi-Fes, didn’t you?

Guys: ( Now I get it… )

He’s Haraguchi who once belonged to Genshiken and is a typical bossy jerk they most want to keep away from.

Madarame: Um, haven’t you graduated already, Haraguchi?

Haraguchi: Yeah, I keep dropping in once in a while, though. Oh, thanks.

Kosaka gives his seat to him.

Haraguchi: How’s Genshiken doing these days?

Madarame: Well, there’s nothing news-like things…

Haraguchi: Oh, yeah? It’s not very usual of you getting newbies, eh?

Ogiue: …Hello.

Kuchiki: “Bow”

Haraguchi: Huh. All right, I’ve got a thing for you today.

Sasahara: What?

Haraguchi: I’ll introduce you many dojin writers, so why don’t you make Kuji-Un book featuring them?

Sasahara: Huh?

Haraguchi: You see, I’m suggesting you cooperate with them to make a Kuji-Un dojinshi for Comi-Fes.

Sasahara: But, who are you introducing…

Haraguchi: You know, it would be one or two pages each writer, though. For instance, Cybose, Kazamatsuri-Neko, Ranmaru-roman, Hari-Yosuke, do you know he’s one of the animators of Halloween Monsters btw, Okegami-Ataru and Bellflat-Mirai.

Madarame: Hey, every one of them are all big-names, even with professional writers.

Tanaka: And they’re all hip now as well.

Haraguchi: If I call them, at least 10 of them would join, so we can buy 15 or more pages for the book, right? Kugayama and the others fills up the rest of the book, like an afterward and colophon, then it’ll total 24 pages. With this credit, it can sell even at 1,000 yen.

Kuchiki: 1,000!?

The price is pretty expensive for a copy of dojinshi, maybe doubles regular ones.

Haraguchi: By advertising on the internet in advance and the loud sales promotion on the day, 3,000 copies could sell. Our income will be 3 million yen, simply calculated.

Guys: ( 3 million yen!? )

They can’t help getting shocked at the money, but Sasahara soon gets back to their first goal.

( to be continued )


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