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Genshiken2 EP1-7


Genshiken had an unwelcome visitor named Haraguchi, who came to get involved in making dojinshi for Comi-Fes.

Sasahara: Uh… Haraguchi?

Haraguchi: Huh?

Sasahara: You know, it’s been the first time for us, so we’d like to make it on our own…

Haraguchi: That won’t sell a lot. It’s so sad you having a lot of stock left. You have to stand in line again in order to send your stock back. That’s just miserable, actually, the line wouldn’t progress at all lol. What makes a difference to the sales? It is the writer, naturally. And you need a producer with many contacts, too.

He’s meaning he is the producer.

Haraguchi: You know what, a waitress working at a maid-cafe, where I go to often, she said she was a big fan of Kazamatsuri-Neko. Actually, she was a pretty girl like Pyokotan or Momokawa-Chiaki, who’re otaku but babes, too, never the same kind of bitches who’re a would-be voice actor. Then, I brought Kazamatsuri-Neko to the cafe for a surprise since he was also a fan of maid-cafe! I introduced him to her and she was so moved she started crying! I even wept in sympathy! That was a good job.

As he went off on a tangent, Genshiken member are getting sick of it, especially Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: ( Should I tell him? )

She sends a hand signal to Sasahara.

Sasahara: No, you know, Haraguchi.

Haraguchi: Yeah?

Sasahara: To be honest, we won’t care about our sales.

Haraguchi: That’s a masturbation, right? Denying commercialism? You can’t be an adult that way. It’s time you lost your virginity. Move on leaving it behind. If you kept sticking to masturbation, you’d be deprived of half of your life pleasure. Find out new joy! It feels so good to sell a lot!

Sasahara: Actually, I can’t help it since I am a virgin!

He can’t put up with him anymore.

Haraguchi: Oh, are you blowing up back at me?

Sasahara: Yeah, indeed! I am blowing up back at you! Oh, please, Haraguchi! Let me decide when I lose my own virginity at least! Please let us make our book alone!

Genshiken member are pretty moved by Sasahara’s courage against Haraguchi.

Haraguchi: Oh, yeah? But, I’ve already had their approval that I named.

Guys: ( Oh my god… )

Sasahara: I see. Please give me their phone numbers. I’ll phone them and call it off.

Haraguchi: Huh. Madarame, are you OK with that?

He’s the previous president of Genshiken, btw.

Madarame: It’s our present president’s decision, so please let him do as he wants to.

Haraguchi: All right, I’ll tell you their numbers later and leave it to you, bye-bye.

They’re all relieved to see him off the room.

( to be continued )


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