All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-8


Genshiken is relieved to see Haraguchi give up his scheme.

Kasukabe: Way to go, Sasayan?

Sasahara: Huh?

Kasukabe: Even keeping a low profile and bowing, you didn’t give him an inch. That was the very manner of an adult. You deserves the president, right?

Sasahara: Oh, no! I’m worn out. What a man he is…

Ogiue: I didn’t know that kind of guy really existed. He’s the typical otaku-jerk I most hate.

Madarame: Lol.

Kasukabe: Then, how do you think of the type like Sasayan?

Sasahara: What?!

Ogiue: What are you trying to get out of me?

Kasukabe: You just classified otaku, didn’t you?

Ogiue: Whatever types of otaku, they’re otaku, after all. I don’t like them!

Kasukabe: Right. Maybe you’ve got a point there since Sasayan turned out to be virgin just as supposed.

Sasahara: Ugh…

Tanaka: There, there.

Ogiue: I don’t like that kind of joke regardless of otaku…


Later then, Sasahara was given the dojin-writers’ phone numbers by Haraguchi.

Haraguchi: I think that’s all.

Sasahara: I’m sorry.

Haraguchi: Don’t mind. Tell me what the title of your book is?

Sasahara: I’m thinking of Iroha Gokko ( Iroha’s play ).

Haraguchi: How lame! You know, the title is the life of the book. Well, it might suit you since you guys are Genshikn, after all. Good luck, bye then!

Getting back to his apartment with their number, Sasahara decides to call one of them.

Sasahara: Here goes! ( Ring tones  ) H-hello, my name’s Sasahara. I’m the president of The Society for The Study of Modern Visual Culture in Sii-Oh university.

Cybose: Sii-Oh, eh?

Sasahara: Yes, I’m Genshiken’s…

Cybose: Ah, is that Haraguro’s?

By the way, haraguroi is a Japanese adjective that stands for evil or scheming. It seems to be a nickname for Haraguchi they use behind the scene.

Sasahara: Yes, yes, it’s about Haraguchi’s…

Cybose: Sorry, I haven’t started yet.

Sasahara: Um, you know, I have something to talk about it.

Cybose: What?

Sasahara: Actually, we haven’t been ready yet, either, since Haraguchi brought it to us out of the blue. So, I’m really afraid to say this…

Cybose: Ah, Haraguro played it by himself, right?

Sasahara: Uh, well…

He didn’t expect his this answer.

Cybose: No?

Sasahara: Yes, that’s right…

Cybose: I knew it. We just talked each other that it was typical scheme of him, taking over his younger students’ circle, having them pay all the printing cost, but hogging all the profit. It’s his usual trick.

Sasahara: Oh…

Cybose: Do it as you want to. You’d be happier that way.

Sasahara: T-thanks. What a relief!

Cybose: “Laughs” So, have you called in someone else already?

Sasahara: Not yet. I’ll be doing later.

Cybose: I bet you won’t have any trouble with them. They all dislike Haraguro.

Sasahara: Lol.

He was very nervous before he called him. But it turned out his feelings toward Haraguchi was the same as Sasahara.

( to be continued )


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