All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-9


Having a pleasant reply from Cybose, Sasahara call in the next writer named Kazamatsuri-Neko.

Sasahara: In fact, I was told by Cybose that I wouldn’t have any trouble.

K-Neko: I figured! But, I guess there’re people who need that kind of person( Haraguchi ) at times. If his plan worked out this time, it’d be possible to sell 3,000 copies, 1,000 yen per book, I’m not bragging ourselves, though.

Sasahara: I see.

K-Neko: Then, 3-million yen would come in a day. The number just appears without anyone’s effort. Aside from how much Haraguro would share the profit with us.

Sasahara: “Laughs”

K-Neko: A man like him, who does such a thing beyond all sense of shame, is rare in a way.

Sasahara: Uh…

K-Neko: Of course I wouldn’t like to get involved. No matter how big money he earned, he’d just buy us one rich meal and that’s all.

Having finished talking with him, Sasahara moved on to the other writers.

Bellflat-Mirai: If you’ve got something with me, please give me a call again, although it tends to be answering.

Sasahara: I see. Good-bye.

Completing all the writers, Sasahara is finally able to take a break.

Sasahara: …Beyond all sense of shame…

The line K-Neko told him keeps a little disturbing his mind. Anyway, he explains his plan to his circle members next day.

Sasahara: The date of printing is due on 27th. We’re printing 200 copies of Kuji-Un book, which is of 24 pages, 500 yen. In that case, the cost would be around 60,000 yen within our budget. If we can’t sell them all on the day, we’d be able to carry them back by ourselves. And if we sell them all, we’d make about 40,000 yen profit.

Kuchiki: Uh-oh!

Madarame: That should fit for us.

Kugayama: S-sounds good!

Sasahara: We’ve got about a month left so let’s do our best! ( Thus, we Genshiken has started to make our dojinshi after several years, maybe, several decades. )

But he didn’t know yet there’re lots of trouble waiting for them ahead.

( to be continued )


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