All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP1-10


Genshiken members are chatting in the club’s room after their Komi-Fes meeting.

Sasahara: Hm, a pile of 100 copies should look like this?

He’s stacking up the copies of dojinshi on the table.

Madarame: We’d like to have 200 at least, right?

He adds another one pile by its side.

Madarame: We’d look shabby if we don’t have.

Oono: I hope we can sell a lot!

Sasahara: We’d better have some flyers for attention, too?

Madarame: Right. It’s also important to stand out!

Sasahara: I got it!

Kasukabe: You should start making the book already before that garbage talk, eh?

She’s a little amazed at how optimistic they are.
“Next episode trailer”

Sasahara: We have lots of 2nd seasons or Sequels these days?

Madarame: Right. The benefit is, for the sponsor side, it lowers their sponsoring risk, and for the production side, they can have a plenty of time for their schedule. It has several advantages to take a half or a whole year’s interval between the first and the second series, rather than airing 26 episode in one season.

Sasahara: But, I wonder how it works for the sequel, of which original stories had already completed and it’s almost 2 years and 9 months ago when the first season was aired.

Madarame: That’s just… the matter of “business”.

Sasahara: I wish it good luck…

Of course, they’re cynically referring to Genshiken2 itself.

( to be continued )


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