All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP2


“The Congress Disputes”

It seems Genshiken is in a difficult time.

Madarame: July 24. It’s been a month since the day we celebrated us for passing Comic-Festival. Now, let’s check out how the progress of our dojinshi is 3 days left before the deadline for printing.

Genshiken members are all gathered at the club room today.

Madarame: Well, we shall begin the 1st emergency meeting of “Our Drafts Are Barely Ready for Comi-Fes”!

Taanaka: Where’s Kuchiki gone?

Kosaka: He just left for the bathroom.

Kasukabe: He must have escaped.

Madarame: For some reason, I’m appointed to a chairperson today. Well, we’ve got only 2 pages of Ogiue’s draft completed up to today. Putting aside the process of the past, let’s discuss how we’re doing in the future.

He’s mediating the meeting since Sasahara and Kugayama are arguing so hard.

Madarame: First, how about the newly written manga? Can’t make it?

Sasahara: Impossible in 3 days.

Madarame: Uh…

Sasahara: But even after the deadline, they’d be willing to print our copies with extra charge, although they’d have some limits there.

He shows the shop’s information paper to him.

Madarame: Hm, 5% up per 3 days.

Sasahara: Actually I’m ready to pay extra charge if necessary, but it helps nothing as you lose your spirit, doesn’t it?

He glares at Kugayama.

Madarame: Th-that’s his say. How do you think, Kugayama?

Kugayama: Fir-first of all, the problem is the person who brought it up can’t draw any illustration, isn’t it?

Tanaka: ( Oh, no… )

They’re all stunned at his ridiculous theory.

Madarame: There, there, there. Put that aside.

Kugayama: You’re virtually pushing me to do your work.

Sasahara: But you’ve got few pages to write! Your sketches are borrowed for the most part of the book and we need just a few pages for the newly written manga! I also asked you to write whatever you like!

Then, their stories go back one month ago.

( to be continued )


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