All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP2-1


Just 3 days before printing deadline, Genshiken is absolutely behind schedule.

The story goes back one month ago to tell how it ended up like this.

June 23.

Sasahara: Please write whatever you like, Kugayama.

Kugayama: Oh, yeah?

They’re meeting at the club room to discuss their dojinshi.

Sasahara: Your love should come through clearly your paper, so enjoy writing your book.

Kugayama: Even so, I want to sell a lot as well.

Sasahara: Is your favorite Yamada, after all?

Kugayama: Y-yeah, I know Kaicho is better for the market, though. Hm, I’ve got to think about the plot.

Sasahara: OK. I’d like to have a meeting again when you’re done your plot?

Kugayama: S, sure! Sounds like the professional!

Sasahara: “Laughs” Then, the next week, on the same day in here. Does that work for you?

Kugayama: OK.

Sasahara: Please call me if you have any trouble. We’ll make sure your schedule comes first and we’ll do any other works for you.

July 30

He’s looking at Ogiues’s draft in the club room.

Sasahara: Hm, I’m afraid to say this but I didn’t expect your manga looked like this. Thank you.

He seems to like her pictures very much.

Ogiue: Should I revise it?

Sasahara: No, it’s very good. I want to use this.

Ogiue: How about Kugayama?

Sasahara: We were going to meet later in here, but he didn’t sound very happy when I called him last night. He might be in a crunch time. Uh, speaking of him, I’ve got a mail from him.

From Kugayama: I’m sorry, Sasahara! I got some urgent business for my recruiting so I appreciate you postponing our meeting.

Ogiue: What’s up?

Sasahara: He said he got a business to do.

Ogiue: Did he?

Sasahara: Yeah.

He texts back to him.

From Sasahara: All right. Good luck for your job hunting!

Sasahara: I’m worried…

July 4

Sasahara calls in Kugayama for a catch up.

Sasahara: Yeah, yeah… Oh, I see. That couldn’t be helped.

Kugayama: S-sorry…

Sasahara: No problem. Your recruiting is much more important than our dojinshi. We still have some time.

According to his schedule, they’re actually running late.

Kugayama: Thanks.

Sasahara: In the meantime, I want to scan your sketches when you’re free. Do you happen to be away home for your recruiting?

Kugayama: Y-yeah.

Sasahara: Then, would it be possible for me to visit your apartment and get my job done on my own while you’re away?

Kugayama: Uh, I don’t know…

Sasahara: Oh, that’s fine. We just have to pick up the pace. Rather than that, please make sure of your job hunting. Bye. ( Hang up ) We’re running short of editing time, I think we can manage somehow, though… ( Sigh ) It might be better to postpone editing deadline.

But, the situation was getting worse day by day.

( to be continued )


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