All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP2-3


Kugayama turned down Sasahara’s script, even though he told him to write whatever he liked. Sasahara finally went off the deep end and blew up at him.

Sasahara: If you say so, you should’ve done it yourself from scratch!

Guys: Uh…

Kuchiki is too surprised at his loud voices from the inside to go back into the room.

Sasahara: Don’t you think so!?

Kosaka: ( To his script ) It is pretty common.

Oono: Hey, Kosaka!

Kugayama: Uh, I admit that was my fault, but what I really want to say is more fundamental problem – the difference between our temperature.

Sasahara: What’s that? Do you mean you were actually not very eager to do this job?

Kugayama: No, I mean I lost my spirit eventually.

Kasukabe: Oh…

Sasahara: And you blame me for that?

The story goes back a couple of days again.

July 20

This day, Sasahara keeps dialing Kugayama’s cellphone but it wouldn’t answer.

July 21

He keeps calling him again but he wouldn’t answer.

July 22

Today, Sasahara visits Kugayama’s apartment himself. He pushes the door bell many times but it never opens, even though the electricity meter is running, which means someone is using electricity inside the apartment.

July 23

Sasahara calls his cellphone just in front of his apartment but in vain. In short, Kugayama kept ignoring all his contacts since he didn’t finish his work.

( to be continued )


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