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Genshiken2 EP2-4


Sasahara kept trying to contact with Kugayama but he kept ignoring him. In the end, they’ve hardly finished their work at the 3 days before the deadline.

Sasahara: Do you blame me for all?

Kugayama: Actually…

Sasahara: I… !

Kugayama: Like I’m the only one who’s got to work for it, after all?

Sasahara: It’s got to be! A manga artist who also has a Photoshop and a scanner is only you, Kugayama!

Kugayama: I am busy, too, seriously! The graduation thesis, job hunting… I know Tanaka is going to the fashion college after graduation and Madarame, well, he seems to be just slacking, though.

Madarame: ( Slacking… )

Kugayama: I want to get my degree rightly!

Sasahara: I know! So, I just asked you for the manga part and any other tasks like scanning your sketches are all on me! Wasn’t that enough?!

Kugayama: Uh…

Sasahara: If there’s a difference of temperatures between us, isn’t that you’ve got it too low, not I’ve got it too high?

Kugayama: Isn’t it the same thing?

Sasahara: No, it gives where’s the responsibility!

Madarame, as a chairperson today, is pretty worried about the rough meeting and tries to get it back on the track.

Madarame: Now, now, now. Let’s go of the past, already, ALREADY!! And talk about the future! How we can get it through? Whether we should publish our book or not? If yes, what kind of book we should make? What do you say?

Kugayama: A mediocre one with just some sketches or something existed before looks dishonest to me. We might as well not publish such a thing.

Sasahara: Right. A simple compilation of illustrations won’t sell a lot, after all. Oh, we just had a wrong delusion of 200 copies.

Madarame: [Hiss…]

Kasukabe: Oh…

It seems they’ve come to the dead-end.

Ogiue: In-in that case, shall I write some manga, too? We shouldn’t be wasting our chance for Comi-Fes.

They’re pretty surprised at her offer since no one expected it.

Sasahara: N, no, you don’t have to. You’ve already had your draft up, Ogiue. That’s enough.

Ogiue: Uh…

She looks somewhat disappointed.

Sasahra: Like putting extra work on Ogiue is no good, wrong! You don’t have to write!

Ogiue: I see…

Being told not to write more, she looks even more disappointed especially to Kasukabe.

Sasahara: Talk about the dishonesty, we’d be rather dishonest if we give up on our book. So, let me scan his sketches at least. You don’t need to write manga anymore!

Kugayama: Huh, losing an author’s spirit is the worst act of the editor, right? Of course we’re neither an author or an editor, but you look like Haraguchi now.

That is the most humiliation for Sasahara.

Sasahara: …Isn’t that too much…?

Kugayama: Oh, yeah?

Sasahara: Now, I finally got it.

Kugayama: What?

Sasahara: So you can’t become a manga artist anyway!

He gives back insult for insult.

Kugayama: S-So I’ve been doing job-hunting!

Sasahara: That’s your excuse, too! You didn’t even try to become! You’re just trying to defend your cheep pride…

Just then, they realize the tears trickling down from Ogiue’s eyes.

( to be continued )


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