All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP2-5


Sasahara and Kugayama stopped quarreling by seeing Ogiue crying silently.

Madarame: Uh…

Kasukabe gives her a handkerchief.

Kasukabe: Let me see the deadline table, Sasahara?

Sasahara: Oh, yes.

She goes through the schedule.

Kasukabe: All right. Sasahara, Kugayama and Ogiue, with three of you guys, complete a 10-page manga by July 30.

Madarame: Oh, in that case, we’ll just have 5% extra charge!

Sasahara: But we have only one week left! We couldn’t make it out even in a month! Impossible!

Kasukabe: That’s because you didn’t do anything, right? In this week, you guys put your back into ONLY this. Pictures, stories, make up whatever for 10 pages.

To see Sasahara and Kugayama not convinced, she makes it simple.

Kasukabe: Take responsibility. Got it?

I’m sure the responsibility is for making Ogiue crying.

July 25

Anyway, their dojinshi project was restarted with Sasahara, Kugayama and Ogiue. Today, they’re having a meeting at Kugayama’s apartment.

Ogiue: So, we can make this page of 3 scenes by placing this line here.
Kugayama: Oh, I see.

Ogiue: And we should use a large room for this line “Chihirochan…”.

Sasahara: Frame-splitting is really a work of sense!

Madarame: Hey, which sketches are left to be scanned?

Sasahara: I’m coming.

July 26

Today, for some reason, Oono is serving a guy in a bunny girl style.

Oono: Please have a drink.

She pours beer in his glass.

Guy: Oh, thank you very much! I’m so flattered to be served by Ms. Oono!

Oono: Don’t mention it. Just our thanks for you lending us your expensive instruments.

It seems she’s serving him in exchange for borrowing his computer, which was needed to finish their dojinshi. Even so, Tanaka isn’t very calm with her serving another guy in this costume.


July 27

Kasukabe calls Ogiue while she’s working at a fashion store.

Kasukabe: How’s it going? What? You can’t make it, after all? Then, just tell Sasayan and Kugapi not to sleep for 3 days.

Ogiue: [Over the phone] Oh, I see…

Kasukabe: But you get back home and take a sleep, Ogiue, right?

In Kugayama’s apartment, they’re working pretty busy.

Madarame: May I change for you?

Sasahara: No, I’ll just finish it up.

Kugayama is nodding over his work.

Madarame: What did Kasukabe say?

Ogiue: “Don’t sleep for 3 days” She said.

Guys: [Laughs]

Kugayama: What happened??

Kuchiki: The food force has returned! I managed to win some special meatloaf lunch!

For some reason, he’s exhausted to fall on the floor.

Kuchiki: Behold, the craps of (The Earth) Federation!

He pretends like Gihren Zabi from the 1st Gundam.

( to be continued )


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