All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP2-6


By a single word from Queen Kasukabe, Genshiken was finally able to get the ball rolling. Sasahara, Kugayama and Ogiue works together and the others back them up.

July 29 – a day before the deadline.

Sasahara dosed off and had a dream of Irohagokko, the dojinshi they’re producing right now.

Ritsuko(Kaicho): Feel my heart beating.

She lays Chihiro’s hands on her breasts. He’s too embarrassed to say anything.

Ritsuko: This is so…

Then, she strokes his important part of body and gets even closer to his face with her eyes closed.

Sasahara wakes up just at the moment and he’s so surprised to find Ogiue sleeping near him. He looks at Kugayama, who’s also sleeping in his bed.

Sasahara: Ogiue…

By the effect of his dream and the days of staying up all nights, he feels he’s been pretty excited at sleeping Ogiue. Anyway, he tries to find a blanket for her.

Ogiue: Uh…

She suddenly wakes up and he gets surprised again.

Sasahara: Uh, you want something to put on…?

Ogiue: I’m fine. I’m awake.

Sasahara: Our work’s almost done so you can get back home.

Ogiue: It’s all right.

Sasahara: Uh, I see.

Ogiue: Can I go to wash my face?

Sasahara: Y-yeah.

He managed to control his emotions.

July 30 – The deadline day

They finally finished their work and got it to Minami Printings.

Shop clerk: I’ll be checking it. Please wait a minute.

Madarame: I see.

She starts looking through their dojinshi, even though it has lots of sexual contents. It’s a pretty embarrassing experience for them.

Madarame: ( Oh, she’s reading… It’s not what I wrote, though. ) Hey, are you sleeping?

Sasahara: Aw!

He was too tired to keep awake even for a few minutes. The clerk smiles at them maybe because she’s very used to such customers in this time of year.

Back in the club room.

Kasukabe: So, it’s been finally up?

Ogiue: Yes. Sasahara and Madarame are going to the print studio now.

Kasukabe: How about Kugayama?

Ogiue: I think he’s still dead sleeping.

Kasukabe: Aha, it was so close. See, how pathetic this circle is? I don’t recommend you have high expectation.

Ogiue: No, I didn’t have any expectation from the first.

Kasukabe: Oh, yeah?

She doesn’t believe what Ogiue said. In the meantime, Sasahara and Madarame just left the studio.


Guys: ( To the clerk ) Thanks.

Madarame: They say “All’s well that ends well”, right?

Sasahara: We still have the day of Comi-Fes, though.

Anyway, they managed to complete the dojinshi just in time.

( to be continued )


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