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Genshiken2 EP2-7


After a month long difficulties, Genshiken finally managed to complete their dojinshi. All they have to do left is selling it at the day of Comi-Fes but there’re still several things to plan out before the day.

August 4

Kasukabe: When can we get the copy of the book?

They’re talking in the club room.

Ogiue: Oh, the copies are directly sent to Comi-Fes from the print studio so you can’t see them until the day of 15, August.

Kasukabe: Oh, it is? Then, I can’t see it unless I go over there myself?

Ogiue: I guess we’ll keep some copies for us, though. I remember Sasahara told you about it many times?

Kasukabe: You know, I wasn’t listening since I didn’t care.

Ogiue: Uh…

Kosaka is listening to them with a smile.

Kasukabe: By the way, how can you write pornography even without your own experiences?

Ogiue: What?!

Kasukabe: You’ve never seen “that”, right?

She’s asking if Ogiue has ever seen man’s important part of the body or not.

Ogiue: Just what you bring up!

Kasukabe: Come on, you just had to reply “What I’ve never seen?”.

Ogiue: …I can figure by reading dojinshi books.

Kasukabe: Uh, I don’t think you’re very right, for many reasons…

Kosaka: [Laugh]

August 7

Oono is trying on the costume for Comi-Fes at Tanaka’s apartment.

Oono: How do I look?

Tanaka: Nothing beats the ceremonial version, eh?

Oono: I know. As a salesgirl, I’d better go without heavy decoration. I’m a little sorry I can’t have a sword, though.

Tanaka: I’m glad to have picked up that cloth for it.

Oono: Well, that costume may not be for me?

Tanaka: What? Uh, no, it isn’t. I was asked to make it and I couldn’t say no.

Oono: How about Tokino’s costume?

Tokino is a character of Kuji-Un.

Tanaka: Oh, that’s been ready.

Oono: So, you’ve started to make another costume for another girl?

Tanaka: You know, it’s not hurry, just okay done by the Street Festival ( an event comes after Comi-Fes ).

Oono: …I see…

She’s getting a little jealous of him making costumes for other women.

August 9

Today, they’re demonstrating their booth at Comi-Fes at the club room.

Sasahara: Should our display look like this?

He makes 2 stacks of dojinshi on the table with a tag each other.

Madarame: Hm, it may look like as if we released 2 new different books when we put the 2 tags on the table?

Sasahara: Oh, right.

August 10

Kasukabe and Kosaka are enjoying their date at a cafe.

Kasukabe: Are we going to the beach this summer?

Kosaka: I think they have no time for that.

Kasukabe: Uh, I mean just two of us…

There’s no reason she wants to go with other members.

August 12

Today, they’re forming a conspiracy for Comi-Fes.

Sasahara: So, who’s gonna get the 3 tickets for the circle entrance?

It’s a rather big issue for them because they’d be quite easier to get other very popular dojinshi if they get in the hall before the regular opening.

Madarame: Guys, will we try what they say Standing-in-line-before-open?

Kosaka: I suppose Kuchiki is right for that shameless work.

Kuchiki: Leave it to me!

August 15 – The day of Comic Festival.

Climate – Very fine.
The highest temperature – 35 degrees Celsius.

( to be continued )


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