All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP3


“A Day in The Hot Summer”

August 15 – The day of Comic Festival.
7:00 a.m.

Genshiken members are on their way to Comi-Fes, while Kasukabe is still sound asleep in her bed.


Sasahara: (Over the phone) Yeah, I just got to the station and now I’m walking down by the regular line. Are you and others in there, Madarame?

Madarame: Yeah, right, we’re in rather head of the line, though. Do you happen to see us?

Sasahara: No, I don’t, sorry.

Madarame: Ah, that’s OK.

Sasahara: You’re getting your shopping done first, right?

Madarame: Right, so I think it’d be around the noon when I get to our circle booth.

Sasahara: Roger.

Madarame: But Tanaka and Oono will arrive there much sooner than me after she changes her costume. And please ask Kuchiki to make sure of major circles.

Sasahara: OK. See you later. ( Hanging up ) Kuchiki, he asked you to make sure of major circles.

Kuchiki: [Snickering] The ignorant masses, huh!

Sasahara: Hey, hey, hey!

Kosaka: You and me didn’t do anything.

He says he and Kuchiki didn’t do much work this time.


Kuchiki: Of course I understand. My duty today is “Standing in line before the hall opens” Put on a face of a circle member to go into the hall, quickly stand in the line of major circles, and make sure getting their new dojinshi sooner than the regular visitors! This, this filthy work is just right for me!

As he explained, the circle member could use their privilege like this way but the regular visitors are never happy with this kind of acts. So he said this “filthy work”.

Sasahara: Don’t be that out loud.

Kosaka: Everyone knows it, though.

( to be continued )


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