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Genshiken2 EP3-4


An hour’s passed since the Comi-Fes began. It seems Genshiken has been struggling for the sale.

Sasahara: Since then, the battle has been a seesaw game. Sometimes our books sold in a row and sometimes didn’t at all. The total is 20 copies so far. As the first time circle, it may not be so bad sales, but, to be honest, it’ll be pretty tough to be sold out at this rate.

He remembers Haraguro’s line “Good luck selling out!”.

Sasahara: No, no!

As he’s being a little discouraged, a great supporter has arrived.

Oono: Wow, they’re really doing!

She shows up in a costume with Tanaka.

Sasahara: Oono! That’s a vice-president’s ceremonial dress!

Oono: Since our book’s Kuji-Un themed, right? Now I’ll do the salesgirl.

She gets in the booth crawling under the table.

Kosaka: I should change with her.

Sasahara: Why?

Kosaka: Customers should be much happier when a woman hands the books them.

The around circle members are agreeing to Kosaka.

Kosaka: Also I’ve got something to do with Tanaka.

Sasahara: Oh, yeah?

Kosaka: I’ll be back in a while.

Tanaka: See you then.

Sasahara: What’s that?

Oono: It’s a secret.

Sasahara: I’ve got some bad feelings…

Oono: ( To the customers ) Please feel free to take a look!

Just as she began selling, Genshiken’s counter suddenly gets crowded with many customers.

Guy: One copy, please!

Oono: Thank you, 500 yen please.

Guy: Me, too!

Oono: 500 yen please.

Sasahara: Here’s your change. Thank you! Your change… ( Wow, it’s really getting sold! Don’t they feel embarrassed when the salesperson is a woman? It’s the reverse sexual harassment! )

Oono: Thank you very much!

Sasahara: ( No, it’s actually a joy – Men’s karma, nature, or something. )

All guys including other circles member look so excited to see Oono’s costume-play.

Sasahara: Thank you very much!

( to be continued )


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