All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP3-5


With the arrival of Oono in costume, their sales started to pick up.

The other member has just joined them while Kasukabe is still lying in her bed.

Madarame: Hi, guys!

Sasahara: Hello! You’ve shown up earlier, haven’t you?

Madarame: Yeah, I was a bit concerned too, naturally. Are there just two of you?

Sasahara: Kosaka has gone somewhere with Tanaka.

Oono: I’m not sure where they’re.

She pretends ignorant.

Madarame: Huh? So, how’s it coming along?

He takes a copy and looks through it.

Sasahara: Not so bad, although the sales hasn’t reached even a half of all yet.

Madarame: Do you think it’s going to be sold out?

Sasahara: Oh, please don’t mention that yet!

Madarame: Hey, do you want me to change with you for a break?

Sasahara: Oh, are you sure?

Madarame: You know, I want to try the salesperson too.

Sasahara: Then, can I walk around for a while?

Madarame: OK, go ahead.

So, he leaves their counter to look around the Comi-Fes hall and he realizes one thing soon after then.

Sasahara: ( Hm, it’s pretty cool hanging around the Comi-Fes empty-handed! )

When the sun is getting more and more strong, Kuchiki, who’s been standing outside in the long line for some dojinshi, is getting dehydrated under the harsh sunshine and Sasahara eventually gets back to their counter.

Sasahara: What’s up with Madarame?

There’re only Oono and Ogiue, who’s arrived later, at the counter instead of him.

Oono: He went to the bathroom.

Ogiue: Yes.

Sasahara: Um, he got away…

The girls are arguing all the time, so he didn’t want to be alone between them.

Kasukabe finally rolled out of her bed and is taking a shower.

Kasukabe: Now…

Meanwhile, Madarame eventually got back to their booth.

Madarame: I wonder how Kuchiki is doing right now?

Sasahara: I hope he isn’t stuck in a loop.

Ogiue: What’s the loop?

Sasahara: Sometimes you’d get some adrenaline in your body while you’re hunting around for all sorts of dojinshi.

When he first visited Comi-Fes, he did lose self control because of this excitement, too. Ogiue feels embarrassed finding out what he meant.

Madarame: I wonder why I don’t feel so desperate to shop around dojinshi when I’m in the circle booth now.

Sasahara: Yeah, I know! When I was in here as a regular customer, I felt like I had to get many books so I participate in the event. But as the circle member now, I can feel like I am participating just by being here.

Madarame: Hm, maybe we’ve got Kuchiki for our insurance is the reason, too.

Sasahara: Yeah, rignt.

( to be continued )


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