All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP3-9


At last, Genshiken succeeded in selling out their books.

Announce: Now, we’re closing the 66th Comic Festival. Thank you.

All participants put away their books, tables, and other stuff after Comi-Fes and so did Genshiken.

Sasahara: We’ve done clearing our stuff. Now, let’s go!

Madarame: OK!

Kasukabe hasn’t recovered from the shock of seeing his boyfriend’s cross-dressing yet.

Sasahara: It’s been sold-out in the end!

Madarame: Uh, maybe we put through it by a honey trap!

Kosaka: [Laughs]

Madarame: By the way, Sasahara, did you get an application for the winter Comi-Fes already?

Sasahara: Huh? What’s that?

Madarame: Oh, you didn’t know? The deadline for the winter Comi-Fes application is in 3 days from today. So, you’ve got to get one from those counters before you go back.

Sasahara: In 3 days… Wait, we’re just done right now!

Madarame: You’re right. But, you know it’s coming in 4 months, eh? They’re all doing this at this cycle. In the meantime, do you get the application and decide whether to send it or not later? What do you say?

Sasahara: Um, what do you think, Kugayama?

He can’t make a decision right after their hard work.

Kugayama: I leave it to you, Sasahara.

Sasahara: And how about you, Ogiue?

Ogiue: It’s up to you, Sasahara.

Sasahara: F-For now, why don’t we get back?

Madarame: Oh, he got away…

Sasahara: How can I think about the next right after this end!

Madarame: They all apply for it before they think!

Sasahara: But, do I have to do it again…?

Kugayama: I’m not sure about fighting again, too.

Kasukabe: Wait, are you guys passing the buck to Sasahara?

Kosaka: [Laughs]


Sasahara: The total sales after deducting expenses is 83,500 yen!

With the money they earned today, they’re having a big party at a bar restaurant.

Kugayama: ( Video recording ) Zoom in.

Sasahara and Kuchiki are enjoying karaoke song from Kuji-Un together.

Kosaka: Isn’t it great?

He asks Kasukabe about their dojinshi.

Kasukabe: Y-Yeah…

Oono: ( Drunk ) How did you see our cos-playing?

Kasukabe: Uh, I think it was nice.

Oono: You said it!

Madarame: You know, Kosaka was an exception, a special entry!

Kasukabe: Oh, don’t remind me that!

Kosaka: [Laughs]

Their party is still going on. Sasahara and Kuchiki are still singing and Oono is getting clingy to Kasukabe more and more.

Oono: Hey, Saki!

Kasukabe: Oono, you’re drunk already!

Oono: No, I’m not! So, please do Kaicho’s cos-playing…

Ogiue and Tanaka are drinking rather quietly.

Kugayama: Oh.

His camcorder just ran out of the battery.

Sasahara: Our today’s sales almost melted away on the party!

Maybe they’d have to sell more books the next time.

( to be continued )


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