All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP4


“Are you in a relationship?”

Tanaka is using a sewing machine to mend Oono’s costume at his apartment.

Tanaka: I think it’ll suit your size now.

Oono: Thank you.

Tanaka: We want to be well prepared for Street Festival, right?

Oono: Then, I’ll try it on.

She goes to the next room so she can change her clothes. He’s feeling awkward because Oono is just changing her dress in the next room, even though it always happens to them when they’re meeting for costume-playing.

On the other hand, Oono seems a little disappointed since he wouldn’t show any interest to her even though there’re only two of them in his apartment.

Tanaka finally turns on the TV so he won’t get any imagination by the rustle of clothing that Oono makes while she’s changing and she feels even more sad about it.

After then, they’re in college and talking at the open space.

Tanaka: Both classes? So, you have no lecture today?

Oono: Yeah, so I’ve got nothing in the afternoon.

Tanaka: Hm…

In the end, they decided to go somewhere together.

Tanaka: You know, I was so surprised when I woke up…

They meet Sasahara on the way to the station.

Sasahara: Hello!

Tanaka: Hi!

Oono: Hello!

Tanaka: Are you going to class?

Sasahara: No, I was going to the club room.

Tanaka: Oh, you know, we’re planning to go to Akiba and hang around Nippori after then.
Do you want to come with us?

Oono is a little surprised by his suggestion.

Sasahara: Um, well, I’ve got something to do…

Knowing Oono’s feelings, he politely refuses Tanaka’s invitation.

Tanaka: All right. By then!

Sasahara: Have a nice day!

In fact, he was pretty confused at his invitation.

( to be continued )


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