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Genshiken2 EP4-2


With other members of Genshiken later getting together, they’re talking about the relationships between Oono and Tanaka. Madarame and Sasahara think they’re dating already but Ogiue doesn’t.

Kasukabe: Yeah, I know, not very clear.

Madarame: Really? I’ve been treating them as they’re dating.

Sasahara: Me, too.

Kasukabe: ( Taking a glance at Ogiue ) Maybe women are rather sensitive to this issue. But like you guys tend to lower your flag quick so you can protect your pride, don’t you?

Madarame: Uh, but they seemed to be compatible all along.

Kasukabe: Yeah, I think so, too. Thus, their relationship hasn’t been clear yet.

Kosaka: Too long spring term won’t help very much.

Kasukabe: Right.

They mean it won’t benefit you if a man and a woman stay too close to each other until they start dating or settle down.

Madarame: Hm, I’m not very sure.

He looks at Sasahara for agreeing to him.

Kuchiki: Give me a minute please?

Kasukabe: What?

Kuchiki: I’m not interested at all!

Kasukabe: You should be not.

Kuchiki: You know, it’s totally none of my business anyone other than me is to be paired or not! I am the only star of my own story – it’s always the script for the hero even passing through many branches. Any girlfriend isn’t allowed for any supporting casts! All I’m concerned is myself! Completing all girls’ routes, then naturally I get into the harlem ending! Also the CG complete rating is 100 percent!

Leaving behind him, the rest of them keep on their topic.

Kasukabe: So, I’m still in two minds whether I should mention it to them or not. It’s a tough question.

Madarame: Hm, I’m not sure.

Kasukabe: Maybe we should leave it to Oono and Tanaka at their pace.

Madarame: Hm…

Just then, Tanaka and Oono appears through the door, which makes them very surprised.

( to be continued )


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