All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP4-3


Talking of the devil, Tanaka and Oono show up in the club room together.

Sasahara: Oh, didn’t you go to Akiba?

Tanaka: You know, we just changed our plan.

They wonder what happened to them especially for Oono not being very happy.

Kuchiki: Hey, you two.

Tanaka: Yeah?

Oono: What?

Kuchiki: Are you in a relationship?

They are all surprised at his blunt question.

Tanaka: Wha…

Kuchiki: I’m asking both of you “in love”? You two have such a perfect chemistry of your hobbies that you must be playing hard every night, right?

Before he finishes his words, Kasukabe kicks in the stomach.

Kasukabe: Kick the bucket!

She throws him onto the desk.

Kosaka: OK!

And he clutches Kuchiki’s arm in his back not to move.

Kuchiki: Ow, Kosaka! You’re locking my joint! No, don’t stop it! Screw me up more!  Owww!

While Kuchiki is showing his another aspect, Kasukabe tries to put things in order.

Kasukabe: Now now, don’t mind him.

Tanaka: You know, we aren’t dating, actually.

Sasahara: Oh.

Tanaka: Right?

Oono: No, we aren’t.

Kasukabe: Just like I thought.

Madarame: Really?

Kuchiki: Ridiculous! They cannot be doing it without cos-playing…

He gets a strong blow in the stomach before he finishes his words by Oono this time. They’re all surprised because they’ve never seen Oono being such violent. And finally Kuchiki becomes silent on the floor.

Oono: I’d never do defiling the characters.

She was too upset with Kuchiki to control herself but she got back to herself soon.

Oono: Oh, I’m sorry Kuchiki! Was it hurt?

Kosaka: No response. It looks like a mere body.

He quotes this phrase from the popular RPG series in Japan named Dragon Quest.

Oono: Uh, I’m sorry. I’m leaving now. I think I’m a bit off today. [laughs]

She left the room.

Kasukabe: Is she all right?

Tanaka: I don’t know. What’s wrong with her?

In the evening, Sasahara is playing The Pretty Menma 2 at his apartment.

Tonko: Huh, once you’ve topped the garlic on, you can’t avoid yourself from changing into The Stinky Menma!!

( to be continued )


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