All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP4-4


The next day, Kasukabe sees Oono at one class.

Kasukabe: Hi!

Oono: Good morning. Uh, I’m sorry about yesterday.

Kasukabe: What? Oh, that was nothing for me. Kuchie deserved your punch, right?

Oono: I’m at a loss what to do.

Kasukabe: Huh?

Oono: I haven’t spoken to Tanaka since then.

Kasukabe: I know it sounds rather casual but, for the rest of us, you look like you’re in love with each other.

Oono: Uh, I’m not sure…

Kasukabe: How about you, Oono?

She remains silent just blushing her cheeks.

Kasukabe: You need not answer, right? But I think Tanaka is the same.

Oono: I’m not sure.

Kasukabe: Don’t you think so?

Oono: I feel like he’s avoiding me at the critical moment.

Kasukabe: I wonder if he’s got some reason there?

Suddenly Oono turns pale.

Kasukabe: Ah, you know, he must be scared, I think! But isn’t it the same for both of you since you two don’t look like having enough experiences, either.

Oono: I have no that experience myself.

Kasukabe: You shouldn’t be, huh?

Oono: It’s not very usual of me being said so. I’ve been rather seemed to have lots of experience for long time.

Kasukabe: Hm, because of your figure?

Oono: Right…

Kasukabe: You know, we’ve been friends pretty long, so now I can make some guesses about you, right?

Oono: What should I do? I have no idea how should I do it!

Kasukabe: Oh, wait, you really mean it? Uh, most guys wouldn’t turn you down if you make a move on them?

Oono: I-I can’t do that! I did it already if I could.

Kasukabe: Using cos-playing for getting him isn’t the option?

Oono: Well, I need the character first.

Her attitude to cos-playing is comprehensive. She can’t do without the character’s character.

Kasukabe: Then, how about a character of adult video games?

Oono: I’ve never played any of them.

Kasukabe: Sure?!

Oono: Yes.

Kasukabe: Even I have seen Kosaka playing them.

Oono: That’s because Kosaka is a bit…

In the meantime, Sasahara is walking down the hall with Ogiue.

Sasahara: I’m amazed by you, Ogiue, finding out Oono and Tanaka weren’t dating.

Ogiue: Just a hunch.

Sasahara: Well, I know they look very compatible. I think they should have started dating already.

Ogiue: I don’t recommend that.

She looks a little scary.

Sasahara: Huh?

Ogiue: There’d be nothing but a trouble ahead of a pair of otaku.

He wonders why she’s still so negative about otaku even after a long time in Genshiken.

( to be continued )


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