All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP4-5


The day of Strange Festival, Oono and Tanaka are heading for the venue in the train.

Oono: Uh, shall we go for a drink afterward today?

Tanaka: Sounds good. I hope we can go to our usual.

Oono: ( Yes! )

They eventually arrive the place. Changing her costume, they begin a shooting party among other cos-players. Having finished their work successfully, Oono gets back to Tanaka changing to her normal dress when he’s talking to other cos-player friends.

Oono: Sorry to have kept you waiting!

Tanaka: Hi, we were just talking about getting together to the bar.

Oono: …Together…?

She’s pretty shocked because she wanted to be only two of them today.

Tanaka: Huh?

Oono: I’m sorry. I just remembered I’ve got a thing to do.

Her gets pretty upset and walks away by herself.

Tanaka: W-Wha…

He can’t find out what’s happening to her.

Later day at Genshiken’s room.

Sasahara: I haven’t seen Oono these days.

Madarame: Tanaka didn’t come often, either.

Sasahara: But it wouldn’t last long, right?

Madarame: You never know. A relationship trouble always come together with the circle activities, doesn’t it?

Sasahara: Uh, I don’t think it is the case.

Ogiue is just listening to their conversation.


Meanwhile, Tanaka is at Kugayama’s apartment asking for advice.

Tanaka: I’m completely at a loss.

He’s been confused about the problem with Oono.

Kugayama: You’ll get paired eventually, won’t you? Go out with her already!

Tanaka: Don’t make it so easy! How long do you think I’ve been enduring myself before that Oono?

He makes a gesture of rubbing something.

Kugayama: It sounds nonsense.

Tanaka: “Sigh” I wouldn’t suit for her, after all.

Kugayama: Huh? You’re both Otaku, aren’t you?

Tanaka: I am otaku by any means but she dosen’t look so.

Kugayama: In fact, she looks just the same otaku.

Tanaka: Uh, maybe because of her hair. But she’s a beautiful girl naturally.

Kugayama: Maybe that isn’t true, either.

Tanaka: What?

Kugayama: For instance, Kasukabe’s look is the same level with celebrities but Oono is just prettier than regular people.

Tanaka: Oh, yeah? Uh, maybe you’re right. You sounds a little harsh, though.

He’s a little upset with Kugayama saying Oono not very pretty as he thinks.

Kugayama: It’s just what you wanted for me, isn’t it?

In the meantime, Sasahara is continuing The Pretty Menma 2 at his apartment and it seems it’s getting the most exciting part now.

( to be continued )


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