All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP4-6


Tanaka is on the way home from Kugayama’s apartment thinking about what Kugayama told him last.

Kugayama: Listen, you’ve got your eyes totally wrong! You have no need to think twice. It’s not that you’re holding yourself back but you’re just coward!

Tanaka: Oh, you sounds really harsh.

Kugayama: Of course! Me, I-I’d be ever v-virgin throughout my life!

Just then, he catches a call with his cellphone from Oono. She shows up soon after he arrives his apartment.

Tanaka: It was very quick of you.

Oono: Yes, I was near here when I called you. So, you play adult video games, don’t you?

Tanaka: Huh?! Uh, as you can guess.

Oono: Can I look at some recent one’s packages?

Tanaka: What?

Even so reluctant at first, he gave up at last. He shows her some of his collections. She carefully compares them and picks up The Pretty Menma 2.

Oono: I want to do this character’s cos-play!

Tanaka: Oh, what?! But it’s the adult game’s girl!

Oono: People are getting less concerned nowadays especially when it’s like school uniforms. It actually has a fancy look – a typical transforming magical girls’ costume!

Tanaka: I’m not very sure…

Oono: Have you finished this girl’s story?

Tanaka: You know, I’ve just gone through all of them. In fact, I thought the character looked a little like you, Oono. But, her character was completely different than you!

Oono: I know! That’s because I want to figure out. Let me see you completing her scenario now. I’ll be watching it by you.

Tanaka: Oh, no! Then, I-I’ll lend you it! It’s not very difficult game, after all!

Oono: No, you play it here right now! Come on! COME ON!

Tanaka: But it’ll takes very long – 10 hours to finish at least!

Oono: Then, even staying up all night!

With her eyes killing him, he gives up at last.

Tanaka: I’m not sure about staying up all night but I can give it a try.

Oono: Yes, please!

( to be continued )


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