All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP4-9


Several days later, there’s Oono showing her new cos-play to Genshiken members at the club room.

Oono: How do I look?

She’s wearing Tonko’s costume made by Tanaka. It seems they like it overall.

Kasukabe: You looks nice although I’m not very sure.

Oono: [Smiling]

Sasahara: That is Cuty Tonko, isn’t that?

Madarame: Uh, I suppose so.

They didn’t expect that she’d choose an adult game’s character for her cos-play.

Ogiue: Huh.

She hasn’t always liked cos-playing anyway. Then, Kuchiki suddenly comes in.

Kuchiki: It’s Cuty Tonko!

He shows up wearing the same Cuty Tonko’s costume by a coincidence.

Kuchiki: Oh, what?!

He’s shocked to see Oono wearing the same costume.

Kuchiki: You know, I just tried to show my cos-play as my apology at least…

Guys: [Laughs]

Kuchiki: Uh, it’s an adult game’s character isn’t it? Eek!

Getting ashamed of himself, he tries to get back but he bumped into Kugayama at the door.

Kugayama: W-What?

As Kuchiki falls on the floor, the stuffing that he’s kept between his chests and the costume so it looked like women jumps out in the air. Quickly getting up, retrieving the stuffing and he runs away with screaming.

Kugayama: What happened to him?

Other Genshiken guys are just laughing at it.


The trailer part.

Madarame: Ota-kano, eh?

Ota-kano stands for Otaku’s Kanojo(=girlfriend).

Tanaka: Is there a problem?

Madarame: It’s a tough way to go, isn’t it? Like your hobbies and orientations that you’ve been talked so far is getting known by her as your girlfriend now.

Tanaka: Uh, that is…

Madarame: She’d get the date simulating games or even dojinshi for you saying “You love it, don’t you?” out of her pure conscience. It’d be a sudden death if I were you.

Tanaka: Maybe that isn’t so bad.

Madarame: What do you mean?

Tanaka: With her hobbies and mine, I’d feel like my world’s twice bigger than before.

Madarame: Is this the winner’s calmness?!


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