All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5


“Madarame all bottoms”

Today, Madarame is filling in his resume at their club room.

Madarame: The section of your hobbies in the resume.

Sasahara: Yes?

Madarame: When you write “reading books”, it tends to be comic books really, right?

Sasahara: Yeah, that’s pretty common. I guess watching movies is for animation films?

Madarame: And computer tech is for video games?

Sasahara: Listening to music is really the songs of animation or video games.

Madarame: (After a long silence) Then, can I write lolita or foreheads in here?

Sasahara: If you want to do!

Madarame: And plus, tsundere. ( A character switches between cold and warm at times. )
They’re just all about his favorites.

Sasahara: Why are speaking like you were first at this now?

Madarame: Don’t be kidding. Of course it’s not my first time! I just brought it up for a talk!

Sasahara: You must be tired?

Madarame: That’s right. Maybe I’ll be dead.

Sasahara: Sounds like you’re having tough time.

Madarame: What happened to, “the economic recovery or the seller’s market”?

Sasahara: Actually, I’m surprised by your mind still working to find a job at this late time of your senior grade.

It’s been the fall already so Madarame is supposed to be pretty lazy.

Madarame: Right. I know some swift juniors have already started to work up.

Sasahara: Oh, really?!

He’s surprised since he’s a junior student, too.

Madarame: Like this guy later becomes like me.

He’s being sarcastic at himself.

Madarame: I’m sick of meeting a lot of people. Now I don’t want to go out!

Sasahara: Ah.

Madarame: And I hate this formal business suit, too!

Sasahara: Is that expensive?

Madarame: No, I got my suit off-the-rack at the sale. It doesn’t suit my size actually still it works, right? You know the tie is even made by Tanaka – it’s a handmade!

Sasahara: You’re joking, right?

Madarame: No, I’m not! Look at this and you’ll be amazed!

Sasahara: Oh, it’s really great!

Madarame: You’ve got fooled!

In the meantime, Ogiue is in front of the door hearing their conversation, who’s getting nervous, self-conscious for some reason.

( to be continued )


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