All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5-1


Ogiue stopped at the door hearing their conversation inside. For some reason, she’s getting abnormally excited.

Sasahara: Can I pull it up?

Madarame: You might as well kill me.

At last, she gets into the room through the door, where she meets the scene of Sasahara roughly holding up Madarame’s tie.

Sasahara: Oh, hello, Ogiue.

Madarame: Hello!

Ogiue: …Hello.

She hides all her excitement under the skins.

Sasahara: Don’t let me do stupid thing!

Madarame: Uh-oh? [laughs]

Ogiue: Uh, do you have a minute for me, Sasahara?

Sasahara: Yes?

Ogiue: Could you show me the timetable you made the other day if you still have it?

Sasahara: A time table?

Ogiue: Or something like a schedule notes.

Sasahara: I think it’s somewhere in my apartment unless it was disposed.

Ogiue: I see.

Madarame: I’m off now.

Sasahara: I’ve got to go, too. I’ll bring the timetable tomorrow, OK?

Ogiue: Please.

Sasahara: By then.

Madarame: See you!


After the two leaving, Ogiue starts daydreaming with their relationships.

Ogiue: They’re always together, aren’t they?

Her face’s blushing looking back on the scene when she came in the room.

Ogiue: Although I’ve always suspected their relationships, I wonder what situation led him to grab his tie, saying “Don’t let me do stupid things!”? If it isn’t that meaning, they’re in the relation of playing with each other at least.

She gets excited with her own idea.

Ogiue: Oh, my fool imagination! It’s ridiculous! But, I’m sure Madarame is to be the bottom.

This kind of otaku girls are called “fujoshi” in Japanese slang, who often associate boys’ close relationship with sexual ideas so-called boys-love. Fujoshi originally means ladies, by the way. In any case, Ogiue starts playing with her imagination of Sasahara and Madarame.


Sasahara(her imagination): What is this tie?

He grabs Madarame’s tie.

Sasahara: Are you going to graduate leaving behind me?

Madarame: No, it doesn’t mean…

They’re both made out to be handsome guys in Ogiue’s story by the way.

Sasahara: Do you really believe that you could escape, no, you could forget about me?

Madarame can’t reject him and just yields to Sasahara’s embrace.

Ogiue: Oh, no! I just tripped!

Even so, she wouldn’t stop ballooning her imagination anyway.

( to be continued )


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