All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5-3


Two guys show up as Ogiue enjoys daydreaming in the club room.

Kuchiki: Nyoroon!

Kugayama: Are you alone?

She quickly gets back to the real world.

Ogiue: There were Sasahara and Madarame a few minutes ago.

Kuchiki: Uh-huh?

Kugayama: I wonder if he should come to the club room now – I mean his job hunting.

Ogiue: He was wearing a right suit.

Kugayama: Then, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do at least, as a matter of course.

Kuchiki: Viva moratorium! Viva NEET! I’m a follower of the belief “Lazy until Death”!

He means he doesn’t want to work all his life.

Kugayama: I do want to do so, too! Actually, all otaku are the same, right? I don’t want to spend my time and money on anything else but my hobbies.

Ogiue: So, have you found a job, Kugayama?

Kugayama: Actually I already got one back in the summer.

Ogiue: Oh, that’s very nice.

Kugayama: I felt a bit difficult to break it but now I’m relieved to hear Madarame working up.

Kuchiki: You know, it’s a hangout for bums here.

Ogiue: Hm…


Taking a bath back at home, Ogiue thinks of another boys love stories on Kugayama and Kuchiki.

Ogiue: A cool type and a scatterbrain, eh? It’s a bit difficult setting but it has to go anyway since the harlem is standard.

Her delusion starts again. The following scripts are all of her imagination.

Kuchiki: Ouch!

Madarame: Sorry!

They bump into each other in the front of Genshiken. Kuchiki falls on the floor and Madarame gives him his handkerchief so he can wipe his tears.

Madarame: Does it hurt so much? Maybe you have sprained. Are you all right?

Kuchiki just shakes his head to say no.

Madarame: “Smiles”

Kuchiki: I-I’ve never been treated so kindly like this…

The two guys keep looking at each face, feeling a new love born between them.


On another occasion, Madarame is visiting Kugayama, who’s made up of a masculine guy in a bathing suit and is lying on the bench in the poolside.

Kugayama: Now you’re here. Would you like champagne?

Madarame: Mr. Kugayama, the reason why I’m here…

Kugayama: Sit down. It’s an order, not a request.

He pours champagne into a glass until it’s flooded and then he pours it onto Madarame’s head for a punishment.

Ogiue: No, it can’t go this way. Sasahara is the best for Madarame, after all. Sasa X Mada…

She continues to enjoy her (rotten) imagination.

( to be continued )


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