All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5-4


Ogiue is testing several coupling for her boys love stories based on the male members of Genshiken.

Ogiue: Sasahara is a younger tyrant and Madarame is a delicate sorrower, right? Then, he’s got to be more aggressive to him.

Her delusion starts again.

Sasahara: I didn’t think you would come see me.

Madarame: Oh, man. Why not?

Sasahara: I’ve always felt like you hated me.

Madarame: Uh…

Sasahara: I did you such a terrible thing against your will. But you accepted me at that time, didn’t you? In fact, you were rather voluntary…

Madarame: Sasahara!

Sasahara: You didn’t hesitate to enjoy yourself, right?

Madarame: That was…

Sasahara: You showed up not because you were afraid of hurting me further but it’s the opposite!

Madarame: What are you…

He’s lying in Sasahara’s embracing, again.

Sasahara: You actually desired to be screwed by me, right?

Madarame: …Let me go…

Sasahara: Do you really want to leave?

Madarame: LET ME GOOO!!!

Their silhouette with the gush of a fountain in their back seems beautiful, I suppose.


Back to the real world, one day Ogiue finds Oono walking down with Tanaka to the college. He stops walking to take a leaf off her head. They look very happy with each other, but Ogiue isn’t very happy to see them since she has no boyfriend.

Ogiue: Tanaka seems pretty different than before. Maybe because he started dating Oono? Is this way of men to go?

After arriving to the cafeteria, she works up with another boys love stories based on them.

( to be continued )


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