All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5-5


Ogiue is casting Genshiken guys for her boys love plot. This time is Tanaka and Oono that she met this morning on the way to the college.

Ogiue: It’ll be great if they have a secret. The cause is Madarame and Sasahara is badly shacked.

Her delusion part starts again.

Sasahara is slamming on the door of a room and he finds Madarame and Tanaka lying together in the same bed.

Sasahara: Why…!

He’s so upset to see their affair.

Tanaka: Hi.

Sasahara: You have Oono, your fiance, don’t you, Tanaka?!

Tanaka: So what? She’s just a camouflage for me. She wouldn’t even try to notice who I really love.

Sasahara: Jeez…

Madarame is just kept in the hold of Tanaka. Ssasahara is so upset he walks away of the room.

Madarame: Sasa… wait!

Tanaka: I won’t let you go!

Madarame: Ah…

Tanaka: Please, don’t go! I don’t know what to do if I lost you. I couldn’t survive!
In the meantime, Sasahara is running up a footbridge in the rain.

Getting back to the real world, Ogiue is pretty satisfied with her own sketch of Sasahara lamenting in the rain.

Ogiue: Uh, kinda impossible! Wait, maybe it could happen anyway. Then, the swaying butt Madarame is gonna…


Unfortunately she couldn’t notice someone approaching her and she got stunned as Kasukabe is already standing by her with an evil smile on her face, by which Ogiue sure knows that Kasukabe has looked at her secret sketches.

Ogiue: Uh, it isn’t like that, really!

Kasukabe: What? I haven’t seen anything. I just got here now. Has Kosaka appeared yet today?

She plays innocent with Ogiue, who’s terribly panicked right now. Then someone arrives.

Kuchiki: Hello!

Kasukabe: Ah, you weren’t really called for now, Kuchie!

Kuchiki: Oh, give me a break!

So, how will Ogiue survive the crisis?

( to be continued )


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