All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5-6


Ogiue has had her sketch of Sasahara seen by Kasukabe by happening. Now she’s being so nervous because Sasahara brought his previous Comi-Fes paper that he promised to give her the other day.

Sasahara: You know, it got pretty messy at the last days. Maybe are you planning to apply for Comi-Fes?

Ogiue: Uh…

Sasahara: No?

Ogiue: Oh, I have no idea yet! I mean…

Sasahara: OK. I was helped a lot by you at that time, so please tell me if you need a hand.

Ogiue: Thank you.

Just then, Kasukabe arrives the clubroom with her boyfriend.

Kasukabe: Oh, my!

Kosaka: Hello!

Seeing the situation that Ogiue and Sasahara are only two of them, she decides not to interrupt them.

Kasukabe: Sorry, Kosaka, but can you get back with me?

Kosaka: What’s up?

Kasukabe: I just remembered something to do.

Kosaka: Did you leave behind anything?

Kasukabe: Yeah, very important thing! So would you come with me please?

Kosaka: All right.

She believes Ogiue secretly loves Sasahara because of her sketch.

Ogiue: ( She’s taking it all wrong, for sure!! )

Kasukabe: See you! Good luck, you two!

Sasahara: Huh?

He can’s see what she means.

Ogiue: Excuse me.

She runs after Kasukabe out of the room to explain the matter.


Ogiue: Like I told you, that wasn’t like what you think! It’s actually…

Kasukabe: Huh? What are you talking about?

She keeps pretending ignorance.

Ogiue: You know, I didn’t write that for that reason!

Kasukabe: Then, what is the reason?

Ogiue: ( Uh, I can never tell that’s a boys love story… )

Kasukabe: Oh, sorry about it Kosaka!

Kosaka: OK.

He’s waiting for her in the bench.

Kasukabe: I know it often happens to illustrators drawing a picture of person who he or she loves, right?

Ogiue: That may be true, but mine wasn’t so!

Kasukabe: There, there. Leave it to this older sister! Actually I’ve been wondering for long!

Ogiue: No, it isn’t true, seriously!

Kasukabe: Um, sorry Kosaka, on second thought, let’s get back to the clubroom.

Kosaka: OK.

( to be continued )


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