All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5-8


Ogiue couldn’t stand Kasukabe’s pressure, so she escaped into her delusion again. The following scripts are in her imagination.

Sasahara is being naked in bed and Kosaka stands up putting on his jacket. It seems he came here after seeing Madarame’s affair with Tanaka.

Kosaka: I’ll take my leave.

Sasahara: Kosaka…

Kosaka: I have no time for your vent.

When he opens the door, there’s Kasukabe, who has unnecessarily thick make-up and wearing too fancy chinese dress, is waiting for him in the sofa.

Kasukabe: Has it done?

Kosaka: Yeah.

She puts down the wine glass on the table and slowly walks up to him, then they starts kissing hard in front of Sasahara.

Kasukabe: Isn’t he your favorite, Kosaka?

Kosaka: It’s enough. I have nothing into him anymore.

Kasukabe: OK. Then, can you join the meeting, right?

Kosaka: Farewell. I loved you in high pride.

After then, Sasahara is wondering the city in the hard rain. He doesn’t care a car splashing him as it passes by him. He even steps onto the road so that he’d get hit by a truck upcoming with horning. But, just then, someone appears to save him from it by pushing him back on the sidewalk.

Sasahara: Madarame…?

Madarame: What a relief.

Sasahara: But, why?

Madarame: I just want you alive.

Sasahara: I’m dirty. I GOT DIRTY!!

Madarame: So? How much dirty you got, you’re all good as you are.

Saying so, he hugs him tight and Sasahara is moved to tears. Then, they get back to Madarame’s penthouse so that they can confirm their love.


Sasahara: [Moaning] Oh, no! You can’t do that, Madarame…

Madarame: Stay still. Today I will…

Sasahara: I’ve never known this! I can’t wait anymore, Madarame!

Madarame: Come on.

Sasahara: [Moaning] Maybe it was me who’s been bound, though…

Suddenly he switches their position by holding Madarame’s wrist.

Sasahara: I don’t allow you to bind me. I am the one to control you. [Both moaning] I’ll give you everything – pain, sorrow, regret, pleasure and all.

Madarame: Yes. I want everything of you, Sasahara!

Sasahara: Sure?

Madarame: Please!

Both: [Moaning]

Getting back to Ogiue, she seems pretty satisfied with this story. Sometimes creators need to be under the pressure so they can make great works, maybe.

( to be continued )


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