All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP5-9


Ogiue has a talk with Kasukabe again to clear her misunderstanding for good.

Kasukabe: What do you want calling me in here?

Ogiue: Uh, I have a thing to talk to you.

Kasukabe: About Sasahara? Don’t worry. I’ll pair you up with him in natural way.

Ogiue: No, you’ve got it all wrong! Please look at this!

Kasukabe: What’s this?

It’s her sketchbook.

Ogiue: Here.

There are pictures of Sasahara and Madarame.

Kasukabe: Oh, I got it.

Ogiue: Did you see it?

Kasukabe: Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry.

Ogiue: Oh, thanks…

Kasukabe: You’ve been having a difficult time, eh?

Ogiue: A difficult time, huh?

Kasukabe: Now, it has to go anyway as you’ve got such feelings.

Ogiue: What?

Kasukabe: Two-timing, eh?

Ogiue: Ugh! ( What should I do? )

It’s still too soon for Kasukabe to understand boys love culture. After then, Ogiue comes to Oono this time.

Ogiue: ( Let Oono have a look at the sketch for a try. )

Oono: Sasahara’s aggressive topping, right?

Ogiue: ( She gets it in 1.5 second. )

Oono: But I’d rather care for it when the wussy Madarame tops him(Sasahara).

Ogiue: ( Jeez, her taste never suit me! )


The trailer segment.

Oono: Even though it is said that fujosi’s delusion is terrible, it’s still rather sweet comparing to men, isn’t it?

Kasukabe: Huh? Like what?

Ogiue: Say, someone who’s always been stuck-up suddenly gets enslaved by some busty black.

Oono: And some brush-top hair gets jealous of it and tries to top the stuck-up by pretending a innocent chick.

Ogiue: Who is the top-chick?! She’d never compete with the boobs!

Oono: Better yet, they both get the stuck-up together…

Ogiue: No way!

Kasukabe: Uh, what are you talking about?

Of courser, they’re quarreling with each other.


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