All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken2 EP6


“A Matter of Tastes”

One day in the early autumn, as always, some of Genshiken members are at their hang out.

Madarame: A job interview.

Sasahara: Yes?

Madarame: At a job interview of Nissan(Automobile company), someone got asked “What is GNP?” and he answered “It’s Ganbare(Go for it!) Nissan Pulsar(a car model name)!” and he landed the job. And someone got late for a job interview for a convenient store but he said “I’m glad LAWSON(Japanese convenient store chain) is open!”. It was found hilarious and he got a job there.

Sasahara: I know, these are almost folk legends.

Madarame: I agree. It’s further pathetic stories than a simple joke, “sigh”.

Sasahara: What’s up?

Madarame: At the job interview that I went to a few days ago, a couple of people getting interviewed at a time, there was a guy next to me who looked like a typical nut from athletic clubs. One interviewer asked him “What is your family business?” since he might have been a son of a mom-and-pop.

Sasahara: Hm?

Madarame: Then, he suddenly answered “Ka, Ki, Ku, Ke, Ko!“. In short, he mixed up Ka-gyou [family business] with Ka-gyou [Ka line] in the Japanese syllabary.

Oono and Ogiue don’t even smile at the joke.

Madarame: Maybe he was getting too nervous, I don’t know.

Sasahara: I see.

Madarame: It isn’t funny at all, is it?

Sasahara: It’s neither funny or dull…

Madarame: But the interviewer found it hilarious and the guy, knowing he cracked him up, suddenly began gloating with the look of “Yes, I did!” on his face. The rest of us were all stunned.

Sasahara: That was sure an awkward moment.

Madarame: Thanks to him, I got totally screwed up. Whether should I go serious or try a little humor with my answer?

Oono and Ogiue seems interested how he acted then.

Sasahara: You’d better go serious, right?

Madarame: Hm, maybe you’ve got that right.

Sasahara: Did you go funny?

Madarame: You shouldn’t do anything you aren’t used to doing.

Sasahara feels sorry for him. Oono keeps on making her model kits.

Madarame: It’s hard to admit my own failure out of my juvenility. [ copycatting a famous line by Char Aznable ]

( to be continued )


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